Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer Hike #6

This morning's hike was not too far from the childhood farm. Three Tiny Town ladies and I enjoyed a beautiful, sometimes foggy and damp, hike. 

There are so many trails left to hike at this location--so much I haven't seen.  They give bus tours and guided tours, so I might be able to talk the Mr. into a day trip. Of course, sweet SIL and LuLu might be willing to hike this area, too.  We postponed, but I hope we reschedule.

Oh, did I mention we had lunch at a wonderful restaurant in the area?  Amazing.  Also discovered Ciderboys Pineapple Hula, a drink I plan to find locally!

So far this summer's hikes have included:
Favorite Nature Trail-- twice (once the two mile loop, the other the four mile version)
Favorite River Trail
J town hill trail   (J town trails hiked on the same day)
J town pond trail
Favorite hometown lake hike

Today's hike?  Beautiful prairie hike--6.4 miles

This sure has made my summer enjoyable.  We are researching a few more trails to hike in the weeks to come.

A great start to my holiday weekend!  Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Hit!

Nana's new classroom is a hit! (Not sure Cousin LuLu who was babysitting thought so, but she kept busy finding new things for the Bug to  dress in!)
Little Miss spends quite a few days in my room, but yesterday was a first for the Bug.  Missy watched for awhile, but quickly became bored with the Bug's shows!

Amazingly, I am still getting a few things done. Working around chaos is a gift I have been blessed with--as has every teacher I have ever met.

Today, I am on my own.  I'm not sure I will know what to do!

Monday, June 29, 2015

A New Do

A couple of weeks ago, the Mr. and I babysat for the Bug and Little Miss so that Mommy and Daddy could enjoy a night out. 

When it was bedtime, I read a couple of books to the Bug. One talked about what we see when we look in the mirror--and reminded us that no matter what we see, God still delights in us, as He made us. I asked the Bug, "You always like what you see in the mirror don't you?"  She thought for a second and said, "Well, I don't like my hair style much." That shocked me. She's three!

I'm convinced that it had more to do with not liking to have the tangles in her wet hair combed out. Her mommy said she had been asking her daddy's haircut, which is a buzz cut!  Yikes!

And so that brings us to today...

A lot better solution than a buzz cut, and she loved her new hair style.

Ever watch a three year old get a haircut?  I am exhausted!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Crazy Facts

The Little Miss loves me (thinks I am her momma!) when I take off my glasses and talk to her.  I get all kinds of smiles and gurgles. With my glasses, she looks quite suspicious. Doubtful little thing!

Camel Back Crickets are back in my basement. They are better than bats, but a total nuisance. You can call me the Cricket Killer. D@#* things!

This is the summer of my former TAs (teacher aides) getting married. Tonight is wedding #4 of 5. Three of them were my TAs. (The other two were just former students from English Class.) Beautiful brides!

Who knew that water aerobics could be such a great workout? Using kick boards underwater as resistance for an arm workout is nuts!  And my arms are really feeling it.

As much work as I need to do at school, I haven't been there very often this summer.  Mainly, I work on days when K needs someone to watch the Little Miss while the principal momma puts in some summer work.

These photos are from a few areas of the room that I have been working on. It would go faster, but I spent most of yesterday looking for a box with some bulletin board things I needed.  I still have quite a bit to do. (California nieces, I am still hunting for the perfect place for that beach photo of the dance leaps. It always makes me happy when I look at it.) Next up? I'm hunting more black and white photos of movie stars.  Oh, and a visit to a teacher store for a new calendar and some borders.

The craziest fact of this summer? I am still getting up before sunrise. Sleeping in just hasn't been happening. Dad used to say that you miss the best part of the day when you sleep in. I think it is safe to say that I am getting all the best parts of the day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


*I have been reading about Smash Books.  The best description: sloppy scrapbooking by throwing it together as you go.  I have been mulling over how to use this for my classroom notebooks. I need to pick some other brains.

*Water aerobics is kicking my buns! (Well, actually my arms.) Holy cow!  Last night, I figured out that the workout in shallower water (3 feet or so) is almost more difficult--and more of a leg workout.

*For planting this spring, I planted marigolds (which I'm not crazy about) and mint. Why? Bugs hate them. Since planting those marigolds, the gnats have almost disappeared and the mosquitoes are much fewer. I can live with the mint.  The marigolds....?! Oh, and the deer don't like them either.  Score!  Now, I am looking for uses for mint!

*My plan for the summer to walk one new trail every week is off to a great start. I have several more scouted out for the weeks to come. A couple of them will involve a trip of a half day, which is OK, too. I'm considering this part of my vacation this summer. (There is even a plan to walk around the section at the farm--not exactly a trail, but still a different view and a different hike.)

*This summer, I haven't been reading quite as much as I usually do, so I am off to the library this morning.

*Corn on the cob is delicious this summer.  Our cool weather and all this rain has made for great tasting corn! Yum!

*Did I mention that we planted a couple of cherry tomato plants at the Judge's house? The deer don't frequent his backyard.  I am ready for them to start producing!

*I rarely cook, but I am on chef duty tonight. Time to motivate myself. I'm pretty sure what I am making will involve the crock pot and little effort. Such a gourmet cook...!

*My favorite summer morning look is a pair of pink gingham cotton capri pj pants.  I've had them at least five years, and I inherited them from L.  They are starting to look a little ratty around the drawstring waist. I still love them. I'm not sure I'll ever find another pair!

And there are your randoms for today!  Happy June Summer Day!

Monday, June 22, 2015

By the Numbers So Far

June by the numbers:

3 Father's Day Celebrations:  a Big City gathering with the girls and families, a Tiny Town mini one with little girls, and a gooseberry pie gathering in the hometown with Dad.

5 Hiking/Walking trails trekked so far this summer, but I can change that to 6 after tomorrow morning. Goal: one new trail every week.

1 New pair of running shoes (Amazing how much better my feet, legs and back feel!)

2 Days until Big Brother begins again--Summer Guilty Pleasure #1

7 Ears of Corn + 4 tomatoes purchased from Farmer's Market. Nothing says summer like fresh homegrown produce.

2 Goobers enjoying the water park over the weekend-- 3 if you count Aunt LeLe

And finally- 0 lawn mowers working right now, but that's OK because 98 was the temperature today. Nobody should be mowing in this heat.

Down time--it's for sanity this summer!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites

This week's favorites:

*Working at school.  I kept the new Little Miss in my room one day while her momma caught up with some work. Little Miss slept, and I organized. Niece LuLu kept the Bug that day. (I probably had the easier job.) Another day Sweet SIL and LuLu helped me hang some posters. (It involved Lulu on top of a ladder and then on top of a file cabinet. yikes! However, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean never looked better!)

*Morning walks around town and a couple of walking trail mornings. Sweet SIL, LuLu, and I walked a couple of J town walking paths one day. Today, I hiked my favorite nature trail with some Tiny Town women. We had a great time.

*Water aerobics.  Classes at the Tiny Town pool started this week. What a nice way to exercise, though I need a suit more "suitable" for exercise!

*Keeping the Bug and the Little Miss one night so Mommy and Daddy could go out. It is a little more challenging with two!

*A manicure and a pedicure. I felt almost human after that appointment!

This summer has been quite enjoyable so far. And now, if you'll excuse me there is a watermelon calling my name!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Better Late Than...

My Spring Cleaning is in full swing.  Right on time, I know.

Closets, the basement, and the girls' rooms are all sorted through.  Of course, now there are several bags of trash in the garage.

Next up: the bathroom vanities and the utility room--which I want to paint. Oh, and I need to wash curtains.

Finally, before the end of the summer the Mr. and I are going to clean the garage. Again. (Why do I feel like we are always cleaning the garage?)

With any luck, most of my spring cleaning will be done before the first day of summer.  I know. I'm cutting it close!  And I can be thankful for all the rain that is keeping me inside.  If it were nice out, I doubt that the spring cleaning would be a top priority.

(Another week of rain would really help me out!)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Annual Garage Sale

Garage Sale Saturday in Tiny Town gave me a chance to sell quite a few things that have been cluttering the house.  We took our things to add with K & CT's since their house is pretty centrally located. We ended up selling quite a bit of furniture from our basement.  Lately, that has been the plan: to empty as much excess from the basement as possible. Someday when we downsize, it shouldn't be as much work. 

The sale was successful.  We sold many of our treasures.  We didn't even need the Mr.'s rule of "If it leaves for the garage sale, it doesn't come back." (He had made three trips with furniture or large pieces.) All we had left was a small box of books and some jackets that we dropped off at Disabled Veterans later that evening. Whoo hoo! 

We priced things to go. (The secret to not having to bring anything home.)  By 10:00, we didn't have much left.

And this inspires me to go through a few more things that we need to trash, give away, or return to K & L. (They love me when I show up with boxes!) They still have photos and other memorabilia on shelves in the bedrooms and storage room.  If I can sort through that this week, my major cleaning and sorting for this summer will be about done.  And it is only the middle of June!

Summer Cleaning--that's what is happening on Easy Street.  Exciting summer, eh?!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 11th

Seven years ago, Tiny Town was hit by a tornado at 10:22 p.m. Only one person was killed--a former student; however, several others would never be the same. The next days, weeks, and months were dreadful.  There were days and weeks of clean up. I still have arthritis in my hands--and often wonder how much asbestos we teachers inhaled while cleaning up the schools. For months after, we mourned the loss of life, of trees, old homes, schools, and churches.

Seven years later, there are new homes, new schools, and new church buildings. I rarely think of the devastation of that night. I enjoy the way the town looks today--the progress we have made.  I will never get used to the lack of trees, but now my eyes focus on yards and flowers and porches. I teach in a beautiful new school and love it, but as my colleague retired this year I have spent more time thinking about our old school and the memories that were made there.

Seven years. There have been so many changes in so many ways.  I think sometimes if I didn't take the time to look back, I would forget how far we have come.