Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1

Snow day?  Nope.  The forecasters got it wrong.  Again. Still.  Our inch or two of snow is melting fast.  Good thing we got a little sledding in yesterday. Perhaps this will be known as the almost snowless winter.

Grading?  Done. Check.

Laundry? Last load in. Almost check.

Projections for the show? Done.  Forty-five slides are ready to go. Check.

Next up?  Painting the end of the sets, finding/making the props, gathering the set pieces, gathering the tech crew, etc., etc., etc.  Somewhere in there, I will still be team teaching Julius Caesar.  Not even close to check.

March seems to be taking off like a lion on Easy Street. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last Day Of February

The forecast calls for 1-9 inches of snow. you think there is a chance that they have no idea? 

Anyway, it is snowing here today.  I think the Bug is hoping for enough snow that she can go sledding down the little hill here on Easy Street.

We are two weeks away from the opening of "The Three Musketeers."  Yikes!  There is a lot to do and even more interruptions to the rehearsal schedule.

I guess I can share a few changes in store for next year.  My student teacher has been hired to teach English, to replace my friend and colleague who arrived at Tiny Town High with me 30+ years ago.  (LKD is taking early retirement.) The plan for next year is that I will teach half of the sophomore English and then LKD's speech, drama, and forensics the other half of the day.  This will require a room change.  I LOVE my room; however, LKD's speech room is pretty amazing, too.  I'm sure it will feel like home in no time.  I am excited about the changes, and about sharing some of the responsibility for assessments.

Have I mentioned that my student teacher is wonderful?  She is.  I am excited to have her for a colleague, as she makes me a better teacher, too. (She is teaching the other half of sophomore English, so we will still be working together. We're a pretty good team.) And she is adorable!

So next year, I will be the one with half the grading, but twice the planning. I'm also in for a hectic spring with forensic tournaments and directing the Spring Show.  I will spend a good part of my summer emptying out one classroom and making the other feel like "home." And I look forward to the changes.  I'm hoping that this will be a good "gig" for finishing out my teaching career.  (That is somewhere in the next 5-8 years.  I'm probably teaching for as long as it is still enjoyable!)

On this snowy day, I am going to be grading a few papers, watching last week's episode of Downton Abbey, and doing a little work on the show.  Sometimes, the weather is a good excuse to take it easy and catch up.

Happy February 28th!   

Sunday, February 22, 2015

February Fun

Little E had a sleepover on Saturday with Nana and Papa.  We had a great time.  He loves books, but his play is all boy: rough and tumble. (He might have bit his tongue pretty good on one of his tumbles.) E is quite the dancer, too--any music will wind him up. On top of that, he is such a good sleeper.  I think Mommy and Daddy missed him quite a bit, and he was happy to see them, too. The house is quiet now, and Baxter is worn out!  (Little boys do love dogs.)

This is parent-teacher week, so there will be two long days. We are off on Friday, but we have also scheduled an optional rehearsal for the play. The show is going well, but usually there are a few who need work on lines.  We'll see how the week goes.

Last week, we interviewed for an English position and a journalism position.  A former student has been hired to teach journalism, and my student teacher this year has been hired to teach English next year.  In fact, there are some changes in my assignment for next year, too.  Half of my day will still be spent teaching sophomore English, but the other half will be spent teaching Speech, Drama, and Forensics.  This will require a classroom switch.  As much as I love my room, Tiny Town High has a beautiful Speech classroom, too. I bet you can guess what I will be doing next summer! 

I'm thinking that it is probably a good thing that February is a short month. It has been crazy, fun, and tiring. 

Now, when is Spring Break??

Thursday, February 19, 2015


First night home this week.  In fact, most nights I didn't even make it home after school for very long (if at all), before I had to return for rehearsals.

This week was crazy:  rehearsals, sitting in on interviews for an English position and a journalism position, meeting with the costumer two nights in a row before rehearsals, and a visit to a physical therapist for my neck and back issues.

This weekend there is a little man coming to stay with us, while Mommy and Daddy take a weekend get-away.  I think Papa and I are in for a fun time!

And tonight I am almost too tired to move.  Yes, I think there is an early bedtime in my future!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day for the Books

This was one for the books!

I didn't get a single card mailed or a single gift delivered. (I take that back.  I gave the Mr. mixed nuts and a bit of chocolate.)

The Mr. brought me a pretty little rose plant early in the week.  It was waiting for me after rehearsal one night.

We planned to take the Bug a pink, heart-shaped donut and some chocolate milk, but she was at I-Hop having pancakes.  (After some medicine, I think she is finally recovering from her croup.)

The Mr. and I took off for his RV show at 7:30 in the morning.  We were stopped by a train across the tracks for 35 minutes. (Glad no one was having a medical emergency.)

I finally dropped him at the show and took off for the mall.  I shopped the sales, but only found one thing. Then I went to Target for a few Valentine's day gifts.  Lunch was at P. F. Chang's.  I spent the afternoon at a bookstore (more Valentine gifts), and then finally ended the day by buying props for the show at a party store. 

Before dark, I met up with the Mr. again.  I spent some time at the RV Show, and then we headed home. 

Kind of a strange Valentine's Day.  Valentine #1 had to work all day, and the rest of my Valentines are going to be delivered belatedly.  On the other hand, I love shopping by myself.  (I don't feel guilty making someone else wait for me to finish.) And I had time to call Dad, Little Sis in Cali, K and L.

As strange as it was, the day of love was a day I loved.  (Though I hope next year, I get to spend it with the people I love.)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday the 13th

The bad:  the Mr. and the Bug are still fighting colds. Wearing jeans is out this Friday due to interviews for an English position, and I am running play rehearsal since the director is performing a wedding.

The good: the Mr. thinks he is going back to work, and K and CT are splitting time staying home with the Bug. Hopefully, the Judge will make it to rehearsal somewhere around the halfway point. Oh, and I am pretty sure I will find some time to change into jeans before play practice.

I'm thinking a glass of wine might be a really nice way to end a long day at the end of a long week.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday

A few things I can be thankful for:

*I don't have the Mr.'s cold.

*There is no rehearsal tonight. (The only night this week.)

*I have a Teacher's Aide who used to be in Stagecraft class and is willing to put some of his old skills to work painting platforms.

*A little red rose plant from the Mr.--an early Valentine's Day present.

*I am especially thankful that I don't know any Girl Scouts this year.  (Those boxes of cookies are too darn tempting!)

*And finally, I am incredibly grateful for protein bars that take the place of supper on some rehearsal nights, comfortable shoes, and a warm bed to collapse into at the end of the end of a long day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ribbit! Ribbit!

The phone conversation went something like this: "Nana, I have a froggy 'froat'."  And she sure did. She sounds terrible.

And Auntie L from Big City has been croaking for over a week now.

The latest victim?  The Mr. 

This frog pond is becoming a little too crowded. 

Monday, February 9, 2015


The students are learning their lines which means more fun movement and fighting on stage.  We have stabbings and wrestling moves and people being drug off by one leg. 

In other words, just another ordinary day of working with teenagers. (Well, except for the stabbings.)


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Where does the time go?

A week has passed and this blog has been pretty quiet.  Facebook hasn't seen much action either.  I think I am waiting for a snow day to do what I want, but the weather has been far too sunny and warm for that to happen.

So, what's been happening?  I've been working on school. OR, school has been working on me.  Either way is correct.

Play rehearsals are in full swing this week.  (4 out of 5 nights)  I've already faxed in a couple of prop orders, and I need to hunt for some items we have used before.  (Hope I can remember where I stored them.) My teacher's aide and I need to do a little painting, too.

In the classroom my student teacher is finishing up her unit, and we are getting ready to start one together.  We will be busy planning this week.

Today, I helped the Mr. rearrange furniture.  (For once, it was his suggestion.)  And since the whole house was turned upside down anyway, we did quite a bit of cleaning, too.  I even put the snowmen away.  We haven't had much snow this year anyway. (Perhaps they are jinxing us!)

The Mr. is headed to an RV show this coming weekend.  His job doesn't involve selling any more, but they are always a few salesmen short during show season, so he will fill in for one day. I think I will go with him and spend some time in the bookstores.  Actually, that is my idea of the perfect Valentine's Day-- a bookstore with a coffee shop.

Yes, little Buggie!
I think that sums up Nana's view of last week.
Please, please, please 
let this week go better!  
(In E's case, this is saying,
"Please, please, please let me see my Nana."
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!
Thanks for the photo, L.