Saturday, April 18, 2015

April Showers

My Saturday in a nutshell:

Ran to Target with K.  (I think this was her last big shopping trip before the baby.)

Judged a Forensics Tournament all afternoon at Tiny Town High.

Picked up Chinese takeout to take to K for supper.  (The Bug and Daddy went to see Grandma and Grandpa this weekend.)

Enjoyed the rain.

 Amazing clouds and light before the rain

 And that was the sum total of my Saturday. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Lilacs.  They are in bloom.  Lilacs are the flowers of my childhood.  They were Mom's flowers.  Our lilac bush was located right beside the mailbox, so Little Sister and I would sometimes leave lilacs for the mailman. (Much better than the cat that Little Sister left him one time! Yikes!)

Rotten bananas.  I can't stand to eat a banana that is a little too ripe; in fact, at first bite of "mush" I am done. But I love when rotten bananas are made into banana bread.  I especially like banana bread with nuts.

Holding sleeping babies. Little man E is not a little baby any more, but he fell asleep and Nana got to hold him through his Grandpa's funeral yesterday.  Nothing better than holding a sleeping child.

Photos: Speaking of Little Man E and his Grandpa, I love this last picture of the two of them.  So sweet.
Photo by L

Going Home Service or maybe I should call it a Going Home Celebration.  I loved CB's Dad's service.  There was Gospel Music done really well, and a Eulogy that was about his Dad but also about each and every one of us.  Wonderful.  

Bubbles.  The grandkids love them, but so does this Nana.  This is a fairly new development, but I am blaming it on the fact that I am taking on some teaching assignments of a retiring colleague. LKD hosted "Bubble Tuesday" every Tuesday we were in the trailers.  She had a machine that blew bubbles to cover their deck. Students walked through bubbles to get to class.  It was a hit.  Even high school kids love bubbles.  Does my new love of bubbles mean that I am morphing into LKD?  Stay tuned.

Spring weather. I love the cold mornings and warm afternoons.  It could stay this way all summer, and I'd be thrilled.  Last night, we had rain.  (I like that part of spring, too.  Light rains.) 

Organization.  Chaos drives me crazy.  (Though if you looked in some closets and drawers in my house, you might not think so!)  I spent the end of last week cleaning out 30+ years of files from my file cabinets.  I found some really old files, plus a bit of tornado debris in the bottom of some files.  You might be happy to know that I only found one purple mimeograph stencil. (Lovely!) Each of my units is now stored in a notebook.  There is still a bit to do, but I am organizing for the move to a new classroom.

A "sprinkling" instead of a shower.  K has three friends who took her to lunch, and each gave this 2nd baby a gift.  These three friends don't work together any more and had time to catch up.  What a sweet idea.  

End of the year activities.  This school year is quickly winding down.  Prom was last night.  Honor Banquets, Senior Productions, FFA BBQ's, and graduation can't be far behind.  

April.  Just the word alone is pretty. And this is a beautiful one so far.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day of Contrasts

We are headed to Big City to go to the funeral for CB's dad this morning.  It will be a quick trip.

Tonight is Prom at Tiny Town High. I promised to fill in for a colleague who is in Aruba this week. She is a Junior Class sponsor and helps with the prom every year.  I can't complain. I can keep an eye on K and send her home early to put her feet up. (Less than three weeks until that new little one arrives!)

She might be my boss, but I am still her mother! Just sayin'!

Friday, April 10, 2015

April Randoms

We'll start with the weather. It's hot. It's cold. It's windy. It storms. Heck, sometimes it even snows.  AC/Heat/AC/Heat.  Yeah, it can't make up its mind. And I am regretting putting so many cold weather clothes away.

Taxes.  That is the part of April that I hate.  We owe. We owe. We always owe.  Ugh!

I have spent the last several days cleaning out my file cabinet.  Thirty-three years of paper accumulation is appalling!  I am culling it all down to unit notebooks.  Each unit has a two-inch, three ring binder/notebook.  I have one more major notebook to complete, and then I am getting rid of files for classes or units that I no longer teach.  Strangely, I feel lighter already. Moving to a new classroom at the end of the year should be a bit easier if I have less to move.

Speaking of moving classrooms, I am itching to get into the new room.  There will be quite a bit to do this summer. 

My neck and back have caused me enough trouble that I started seeing a Physical Therapist at the end of February.  Taking a couple of falls didn't exactly help the situation.  As of Monday, he asked me to give up Zumba for a couple of weeks to see if would help my back, but he wants me to keep walking. We'll see how this goes.

Today is "Purple It Up" day to honor the military kids in our district. We're wearing our purple! Tiny Town Schools are good about honoring the kids who end up sacrificing quite a bit while their parents serve.

My goal for today?  To clean the top of my desk and cabinets before the weekend begins.  Shooting for the moon!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


CB's dad has had health problems ever since we met him; however, the last six months he has had several hospitalizations.  Unfortunately, we knew there was really no cure.

Pops (what CB called him) was always so friendly.  He was a talker and brutally honest.  (Well, except when he called me a "girl."  The man was a charmer, too.) You didn't have to be in the presence of Pops and his sons very long to know how much they loved each other.

He died in his sleep sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning.  I know he will be missed.

Oh, and he loved this little guy, too. 

I hope he's at rest now.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

We had a great weekend.  Photo evidence.
A pedicure, dyeing eggs, an Easter Bunny arriving on a motorcycle for the annual Easter Egg Hunt, a little boy with his prized nerf football (gift from the Tiny Town bunny), a NanaPapa Easter Egg Hunt, family photos on K's porch before church, and Easter dinner.   Yep!  That pretty much sums it up!

Friday, April 3, 2015

New Finds- Quite Spectacular

My latest finds: 

Yuu shoes.  (J.C. Penney)  K has loved them for a year or so.  I just had the chance to find some sandals on sale. Comfortable, quite cute, and fairly inexpensive on sale.  They make cute boots, too.  (Next year, my room won't have carpeting, so I am hunting comfortable shoes.)

Kale.  I've heard of it, but never eaten it until the last few weeks.  I love the way it tastes a little bit like cabbage, but has the texture of lettuce. I love it in salad, but I've even made kale chips. I buy it in a bag like lettuce.   

iPhone speaker.  If I turn on my music and put my phone in a Solo Cup, it magnifies the sound like a speaker.  Who knew?  A whole new use for Red Solo Cup.  (I mean besides filling it up!)  Oh, and be sure to have an empty, dry solo cup; otherwise, the result could be quite tragic for your phone.  I'm pretty sure this will come in handy in my room at school or even just outside this summer.

There you have it  Not really so spectacular, but I am quite fond of all three of these things.  (And if any companies would like to give me some advertising pay, I wouldn't turn it down.)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools

State Testing and April Fools....think that is a good combination??  Me either.

Shout out to Cousin Ree--somehow I can see this being a favorite day for a prankster like you.  Happy, happy day.

Happy April.  Now, bring on some April showers!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Going Out Like A Lamb

This month is ending with some beautiful days: sunshine and blue skies.

My birthday was wonderful with texts, cards, facebook posts, singing, phone calls, dinner with Dad, a former student's wife who covered the birthday meal, and a class of kindergartners singing "Happy Birthday" to Mrs. B's mom.  Thank you for the good wishes! What a nice day in every way.

So today?  Test days begin at Tiny Town High. I'm not feeling the pressure this year.  I've taught the standards all year, and this is a baseline year.  The kids don't seem as stressed or as intimidated as usual.  (Am I rubbing off on them?)  I'm praying for smooth sailing today and tomorrow.  Time will tell.

If April is anything like March, it should be a great month!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Birthday Advice

A High School counselor once told me that he considered every year after age 40 as icing on the cake.

Frosting happens to be my favorite part of the cake, so I hope I continue to enjoy quite a bit of it.

And those are the deep thoughts this birthday morning!