Sunday, August 30, 2015


This blog is being totally ignored. I want to write, but the only writing I have time for is lesson plans. So, here I am a week later.

What is happening on Easy Street?

*Morning begins at 4:40 and bedtime has been 8:30 most of last week. Exhausted! 

* K and I are on week 4 of C25K (Couch Potato to 5K).  This is about the 5th time I have done this. I guess that is proof that I like the process and not the end of the program.

*The littlest Lady has had a terrible rash. She itches and scratches herself until she bleeds. K & CT have had her to the Dr. and an allergist. They might finally have a grip on it. Poor little thing.

*The Bug started Pre School two days a week. The first day: "I haven't met anyone yet. The teacher hasn't introduced me to anyone." The second day: "I made a new friend!!!" She will do anything her teacher Ms.K says. We can now recognize her name when she writes it. (The letters were always there, we just had to hunt them on the page!) Papa is her ride to school. He was two minutes late to pick her up from daycare to go to school the first day: "Papa! I waited patiently, and you weren't here!!" I bet he will be on time next time.

*We went to Big City so the Mr. and CB could do some work on the B's house. L, E, and I went shopping. E was fine, but he did NOT want his mommy pushing his stroller-- only Nana. That guy is quite a little charmer. Every woman is a target. Yikes! Oh, and he has to touch every piece of clothing on a rack as he rolls by.

What is happening at Tiny Town High?

*Grading, lesson planning, and more grading.

*Students figured out how to run the lights on the tiny stage in my room. We are all quite excited!  Lunch time performances are one step closer.

*The sports season kick-off with soap scrimmages began on Friday.  As did my allergies. *sigh

 *I finally invested in a backpack on wheels. I'm hoping that my back and my neck/shoulders will thank me.  So that is me you hear rolling down the halls.

*Figured out that a swim noodle slit down one side wraps around my door, making it possible for the door to remain locked and yet students can still enter the room---QUIETLY.  Of course, my administrator (K!!!) can sneak in unnoticed, too.  Who am I kidding? I wouldn't hear them if the door was noisy. This is a loud and energetic year--well, at least on the part of my students.

The school year is off to a good start. I'm sure the Mr. enjoys the quiet house and watch-what-I-darn-well-want 8:30 bedtime his wife is keeping.

I know it is going to get better with the three new preps and sharing of English classes this year, but about the time I figure it all out, I will be embarking on the Forensics season and directing the Spring Play.  I think this is a case of Welcome To The New Normal. (Unless I start writing lesson plans on here, blogging isn't happening very often.)

Photo Dump for this week:

Always such great expressions-- like "A Selfie? Are you kidding me?!"
 Princess Elsa Lady Bug

And there you have it...Blogging for this week. Signing out...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Photo Dump

No time to write, so I will dump a couple of photo collages from the last two weeks.

First this Big Girl turned 4.  Such a sweet, yet sassy, little thing.  Family celebrated last week. (Well, except for her sister who slept through most of it.) Today, she invited two friends for donuts, play at the park, and pedicures. I don't envy the ladies who had to wash those sweaty, sandy, dirty feet!  And this afternoon, she is off to someone else's birthday party while I am watching little sis.

The contrast to celebrating a birthday? I have been to three funerals or visitations in the last few weeks: one of my favorite colleagues from my first years at Tiny Town High, a former student who was about the age of K and L, and a high school classmate's husband. I could be done with funerals for awhile.

Most of the last nine days have been taken up with school. My drama class even gave a performance at our elementary school yesterday on the 7th day of school!  (The trial of the Big Bad Wolf suing the 3rd Little Pig for trying to boil him. A 2nd grade teacher wanted to show a court scene for her class. She sent me the script.) Talk about a thrown together performance!  The kids did great and had a pretty good time.

This weekend's goal is to put grades in the grade book and finish planning for next week. Oh, and to go to school and have everything ready for school on Monday. (My brain is still on summer vacation, and Scrambling has become my middle name!)

That's it for now. More... if I ever catch up!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Welcome 2015-2016

Today: First day with students.

Year: #34 at Tiny Town High.  Teaching year #37.5.

First year with this schedule: Speech, Drama, Forensics, and 3 hours of Sophomore English.

Biggest Change: Lots of new faces on our staff--and my first year NOT having every sophomore in our school.

Best Change: Closer to the main hall and restrooms

Worst Change: No carpet and no windows. Oh, and a leak in my ceiling.

Biggest Adjustment: New preps

Do you think it is a sign that we are starting the year on the 13th?  Yikes! (I'm pretty sure my grandfather would have something to say about that!)

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Surprise #1- After several weeks of putting her room together in her new school district, L was told she had to move to a different room. (Still dealing with the Land Shift/Sink Hole.)  She and the other 1st grade and Kindergarten teachers were allowed to miss the inservice on Friday so that they could work on switching rooms. The principal also opened the school from 8:30-11:00 on Saturday. I drove back on Saturday morning to help her finish up. The room is smaller, but she will teach here until they are allowed back into their regular classroom. I think she is as ready to go as she can be with a day and a half to prepare.

Surprise #2- This is officially my last day of summer.  Tomorrow, we begin teacher meetings again, and our Freshman and New Students run our schedule for an orientation session. All students arrive on Thursday.  Today, I am doing laundry, sewing/repairing a few clothes, and finishing up some lesson planning. And I'm not even too panicked with all the new classes that I am teaching this year. (I probably should be!!)

I am planning on hanging onto summer a bit.

1. Our water aerobics teacher is planning to use the pool until Labor Day Weekend. Nothing says summer like chlorine, wet towels, and swim suits. So a few nights a week, it is still going to feel like summer.

2. The tomato plants are still going strong.  It was a late harvest this year, so I have been making up for that with tomatoes at every meal--BETs (Bacon, Egg, Tomato sandwiches) for breakfast, cherry tomatoes with any and every lunch, and cottage cheese and tomato salads at supper.  They are delicious!

I still need to choose the play for next spring, but other than that-- I think I am ready to go!

Goodbye summer!  Hello 2015-2016 school year!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Things That Sneak Up On Us

Life is sneaky...

the aches and pains of aging

how fast the little ones change and grow

learning that a favorite person has been diagnosed with or is losing a battle with cancer

an August staff resignation

how quickly the summer goes

the fact that I never truly feel prepared for the first day of school  (And it doesn't matter how much time I spend...!)

feeling like a kid but actually waving goodbye to middle age

the whish of the years passing by

Friday, July 31, 2015

31 for the 31st of July

And this wraps up July...

1. Hot, hot, hot!
2. Tomatoes are finally ripening.
3. A vacation over a long weekend
4. Emptying the rain gauge regularly
5. Two days in a Big City 1st grade classroom
6. Buying paint for the deck
7. Storing said paint because it is too hot to paint
8. Repairing ripped jeans
9. Finishing Go Set A Watchman, which I liked a lot
10. The fair parade with the Bug
11. Working on curriculum with new teachers
12. Wedding cake concrete (like a blizzard)- YUM!
13. Water aerobics
14. Reading scripts for next spring's play
15. Fewer hikes in this hot weather
16. Finishing my room at school-- the door was rehung today.  Mini celebration!
17. Bubba cups of ice cold water
18. Pulling weeds
19. A Family Reunion at my favorite lake
20. Coconut oil for moisturizer
21. A water park in Big City
22. Starting Couch Potato to 5K again!
23. The lawn mower blowing up
24. Babysitting the Bug and Little Miss
25. A blue moon
26. "Pweeze, pweeze" E's cry for whatever I am eating or drinking.  (Nana has to share!)
27. Train and carousel rides with Sweet Aunts and Crazy Cousins
28. The Minion Movie and Inside Out-- two fun movies of the summer
29. Marigolds and mint plants
30. Watermelon
31. Almost ready for school

One last week before school begins again. Crazy to think how much time I have spent at school this summer.  Maybe next year will be a bit more relaxing.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Flippin' Friday

A few handsprings here.  (Well, in my head!)

*Tomatoes are finally ready to harvest.  Yum!  BLTs! 

*L has been cleared to work in her room at school.  Sometime next week, I will go to Big City to help her. She is one relieved 1st Grade Teacher!

*The English Curriculum work is done. We spent two days mapping out our curriculum and the standards each unit will cover. I'm feeling much more prepared for those classes. 

*My room is pretty much done. Or, it will be when they finally find and/or fix the leak in my ceiling, replace the ceiling tiles, drive the scissor lift out, and reattach my door.  (Yes, I have been a full access classroom all summer!)

*The Mr. is headed to a baseball game tonight. He is taking CB, CT, and CT's Dad. It has been several years since he has seen this team play. Guy's night out.

*We bought stain for our deck/steps. Now, if it would quit raining so we could apply it, that would be wonderful. The big news: the Mr. and I agreed on a color!

*My tech center at school is hooked up, and I learned how to work it. The Tech Guy gave me a quick lesson and made a couple of adjustments that I needed. (Kind of like our own Tiny Town High Geek Squad. They are the best!)

We've had a good week. The next two weeks are my last weeks of this summer vacation. Time is flying!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Judge

LBB is having a birthday today.  He is a jack of all trades.
 Judge/Wedding Officiant

Great Uncle

Happy Day!  Happy Year!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Clean Up Monday

Tonight, the end of the basement furniture we had already sold was picked up.  Now, it is time to start ripping out the carpet and sheet rock from our latest water leak. I know this will be a slow remodel, but at least it will be a start.

I also need to find the trim paint for the exterior. We had to have a little work done on a basement window and the garage trim. It is already primed, but I need to paint the trim now.

Finally, I would like to revamp the utility room.  Of course, I don't want to spend any money, so that always makes it more of a challenge.

There are three weeks left of this summer.  I have two workdays this week. Hopefully, I will be helping L with her classroom next week; and then, I have a couple of appointments and a mentor teacher meeting day in the last week of my summer.

The end of this summer will go fast, but it has been a good summer.  I'd like to end it by accomplishing a few more things at home and at school. If this blog is quiet, at least you'll know why!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites and Randoms

*Water aerobics. Sometimes it kicks my buns, but it is a great workout in refreshing cool water.  I love swimming pools.

*An English Unconference.  Teachers in our state met and discussed a variety of issues.  I came away with quite a few ideas for this fall.  I am "almost" excited for school to start.  (I am really glad for a few more weeks of summer!)

*L's focus has suddenly shifted a bit.  There is a **sinkhole at her school, and she and other Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers are not to be in the building until further notice.  She is a bit panicked.  "Welcome to your new school.  Oh, and here's your *sinkhole."  *Calling it a land shift

*Big Brother has sucked me in again.  Pathetic.  On a good note, it is the only TV show I watch regularly in the summer.

*Golden Honeydew Melon. I have never loved honeydew.  Usually, it is just okay. The Golden Honeydew was absolutely delicious!! I could eat an entire melon everyday by myself.  YUM! (And we only bought one. Darn!)

*Stamps.  They are the Bug's latest interest. (The stamps with the ink pads.) I gave/loaned her the wooden box Mom used for her classroom stamps. It was a gift from one of her students. Now, the Bug has a place to store her stamps and ink pads.  I told her she will have to share with Cousin E and her little sister one of these days.

*A morning hike on a U Town trail.  As hot as it is, we walked a shorter trail...and then hit a favorite doughnut shop.  I'm hoping the hiking counteracted the calories!

*Cocoanut Oil, Lemonhead candy, Barn Quilts, Twitter, Blogs, walking, and reading-- these have made up the Easy Street summer.

There aren't many weeks left, so I have a few things to cram in yet: lunch with my newly retired friend, a visit to the Mr.'s cousins, trips to Big City, and a visit to the farm. Oh, and a couple of hikes to complete the summer of walking interesting trails.