Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fitness on Easy Street

I have been wearing a Fitbit Flex since the first of April, and on Sunday it refused to sync.  After 20 minutes on the phone with a customer service rep from India, a new Fitbit is headed my way.  I am missing it.  I have been registering 10,000-14,000 steps a day for the last few weeks.  And now I have no idea how many steps I have put in.  It also monitors my sleep and I like that!

Baxter and I go for a walk every evening.  He is quite the discerning dog; he always chooses the nicest lawn in town to sprawl on for a few minutes every evening.  (And he prefers it right after the sprinklers have been going.)

Then, the Bug went for her first Ballet lesson last night.  It is a Mommy and Me Ballet class, with the hope that by Christmas it will just be little ones without their moms.  I can't wait to sit in on a rehearsal.

Zumba classes still meet at 5 in the morning.  I always leave the class feeling more energetic.  I haven't jumped up and down for years, but now on Zumba mornings, there is quite a bit of jumping.  (There is also quite a bit of jiggling.  I keep telling myself to do sit ups, but I am just pretty good at ignoring myself! So, jiggle it is!)

K and I have been running, but are taking it easy this week.  K has a foot that is giving her problems, so we have been walking instead of running. (Not that there is much difference.)

And of course, all of this exercise is registering zero steps for me this week.  Darn it!  Hurry up replacement Fitbit!

Monday, August 18, 2014

No AC Week #3

Great weekend.  L and CB came down Friday evening.  Little Man E now has two teeth and crawls like he's always been doing it.  He was so darn cute.  They stayed for the party and then headed back to Big City, so it was a short trip.

On Saturday, the Bug had a small birthday party with a Wizard of Oz theme.  They wore crowns, made wands, and ate frozen yogurt and cupcakes.  She still is pretty shy in groups of people.  It always takes her awhile to warm up.  I'd say that the balloon romp at the end was a sign she had overcome her shyness!  Her daddy cooked ribs and chicken on the grill afterward for the family.  We saw her ride her new scooter. Who am I kidding?  We took turns pushing her around the house, while she was still figuring out how to use her foot to push. She is growing ups too darn fast.

After supper, the men moved my mom's piano from our house to K and CT's house.  The Bug has always been interested in it, and now she will have the chance to take lessons in a few years.  Little Man E and I are going to have to come up with a plan when he gets old enough for lessons!  (Nana CoCo will be scouting pianos if L and CB will let me.)  It is nice to know that another generations of kids will have the chance to play on Mom's piano.  I know she would be pleased.

Because of the piano shuffle, I think there were two houses doing some rearranging yesterday. K sent a photo of the piano in its new home. And then the Mr. and I spent most of Sunday afternoon moving furniture around. (There was a little more room without the piano.) Call me crazy, but I really like rearranging furniture. It gives me the chance to clean out at the same time.  I've started a new "garage-sale-or-give-away" box.

Finally, I ran down to my room at school yesterday evening to do a little work.  This will now be Week #3 of no air conditioning. It was hot!  I have a hunch I will be scouting a new room by the end of today if they can't get the AC fixed. *sigh  I am telling myself that sweating helps me lose weight!  This is a heck of a diet!

I have plenty of pictures to post of our weekend.  I need to do a photo dump. Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Buggie!

Today is the Bug's 3rd Birthday, so we are celebrating with the many faces of the Bug.

Still cute as a Bug!  Love you, little bit!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Today's the Day

Today is the Mr. and my 38th anniversary.  It also happens to be the first day of 2014-2015 school year for the students of Tiny Town.  So I guess you know how I'm celebrating; I'm going to school.

I don't know much about the incoming class.  I try not to look at grades or past records.  People change.  They should have the chance to start the year with a clean slate. 

The little I do know is this:

1. They will be hot in room 304 in Tiny Town High.  (Still no AC.)

2. They won't be using computers for a couple of days.  (The tech guys have a bit of work to do.)

3. They will have "old school" technology,  until the tech center repairman arrives next week.  (Our tech guy is mad because they have had all summer to make the repairs, and they waited until after school started.)

Thank goodness today is an early dismissal.  I'm pretty sure that I will be ready to exit that room by the time 90 kids go through it with no AC. 

I'm also hoping the Mr. takes me somewhere cool for dinner.  (And somewhere that smells nice would be good to!)

Sending warm thoughts from No Tech Room in Tiny Town High.  And I mean warm!

Monday, August 11, 2014

No Tech

I'm not even Low Tech this year; I'm No Tech. 

The tech pad center that controls my document camera, projector, sound, etc. has a steel plate over it.  The tech pad went out on the last day of school in the spring.  Tech Friend emailed and called all summer, trying to find out when they would return it to Tiny Town High.  Yesterday, his text said that it would be here tomorrow, meaning today!  Whoop! Whoop!  Hopefully, that means it will be installed on Wednesday....or Thursday... or Friday.  A girl can dream!

My Air Conditioner compressor is due to arrive on Wednesday.  I'm not sure if that means it will be installed on Wednesday or not.  I sure hope so!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Wednesday could be a red-letter day in my room.  I have high hopes.  (Actually, my fingers and toes are crossed!)

36 or 37

I had a great weekend, but today is the first day of school.  The weekend pictures will have to wait.

This is the beginning of year #33 at Tiny Town High.  Overall, it is year 36 or 37, depending on who is looking at it.

When I started teaching, I took over in January for a teacher who left her job at Christmas.  (I was a December graduate.)  I was 21 for the first three months of teaching.  The Mr. graduated the summer after that semester, and there weren't jobs in the area.  We moved halfway across the state so that he could teach/coach, and I took a temporary job as a receptionist for a pretty interesting family owned business.

I started my second teaching job that January, when a teacher in the Mr.'s school had health issues.  I've taught full time ever since. (I have also vowed never to teach another school year unless I start the year myself.  I end up inheriting a lot of problems that way.  Yikes!)

Our State retirement program looks at those two half years as a full year each.  (Yea!)  Realistically, they really are just two half years and added together, they make just one year.

So this is year 36 or 37.  And it has gone so fast.  I'm now the old lady on staff.  Quite scary, because most of the time I don't feel that way.  You'd think I would have all the answers by now, but I still have to go to colleagues with questions or confusion. 

And today is a work day.  I have a list to get through by the end of the day.

Here we go...!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Terrific Mixed Bag

Yesterday was a good day off.  Well, it was a mixed bag.

The downside:
I had the worst pedicure I've ever had.  There was a new nail tech at my salon.  She was out of it, almost operating asleep,--or she didn't have a clue, I'm not sure which.  When she  put the same things on my legs for the 2nd time, massaged one leg (never the foot) for about five minutes both times, massaged the other leg for about 10 seconds both times, didn't push back cuticles, scrub the heels or callouses, I knew it wasn't going to be good. The polish job looks like I did it. (And...that ain't good!) Yes, I used ain't! School hasn't started yet!

I always tip. Always.  Yesterday, I didn't.  But I did leave a "tip" for the owners of the salon. I wrote it out on a paper towel and handed it to them before I left. I have never done that , but I think they are going to lose customers unless that girl gets it together--and soon.

The saddest thing. Even a bad pedicure is worth it when I can sit in the massage chair with my feet soaking in warm water.  Pathetic, I know! 

The upside:
Then there was an 11:30 matinee of the movie Hundred Foot Journey.  It is the story of one family from India, the hardships they go through, and their experience bringing their cooking skills and Indian spices and recipes to France.  Besides the fact that the food and the sensory appreciation of the food is wonderful, I loved the family and neighbor relationships.  No major drama, adventure, craziness in this movie--just good people trying to make it in a new culture and the struggles that they endure there.  It is a soft spoken little movie, and  I really enjoyed it.

And the movie made up for the bad pedicure.

Today, the Mr. and I are celebrating our anniversary.  Well, the Mr. is at the dump.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  Actually, that isn't the celebration.  Actually, it isn't our anniversary either.  Well, not until Thursday, which happens to be the first day of school with students. (Not exactly anniversary celebrating material.)

Truthfully, we are headed to the farm for a bit after lunch and then making a trip to another town for the late afternoon and evening.  I'm not sure what we're doing, but I'm pretty sure there will be some shopping (Buggy has a birthday next week!), dinner, and maybe even a movie.  We shall see. 

Today's adventure is to make up for the fact that I am spending my anniversary with about 90 sophomores.  OK. It also is to make up for the fact that the Mr. will be celebrating his anniversary with a slightly stressed wife with tired feet and no voice.

Good times, people.  Good times.

Friday, August 8, 2014

In With the New

1. New laptop bag.  Big enough to tote a change of shoes, lunch, and lots of paper work.  The best part?  It was 75% off.  I love it!

2. Interactive notebooks.  I might be pulling my hair out, but I am jumping in (probably over my head) and having my students create these this year.  Pray for me.

3. My "Information Station" is new--and so are the letters that spell it out.

The middle photo is simply a peak at my room from the door that students enter.

4. That sign "I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul" was given to me by my sweet young colleague.  Besides being sweet and young, we were also trailer mates.  I use her as a sounding board, and she is always my "Go To" when I have questions.  That sign will be a treasure for years.  (My students have to memorize the whole poem every year.)

5. A bulletin board right behind my desk.  Handy place for all the "keepers" that I acquire.

6. My old dorm size fridge died a couple of years ago.  It was used when I inherited it from L.  I splurged on a new one this year.  It resides in my closet--and mainly provides cold water and keeps my lunch cold.

Oh yes.  I have a walk-in closet.  Actually, each classroom in the school has one.  I keep forgetting that not every school has them.
My file cabinet has to reside in here, as do all the boxes with novel sets and quite a few supplies.  The hanging clothes are a small portion of the costumes I store in here.  Besides quite a few other costumes, I think there are 3 or 4 fur coats out of the picture.  The 3rd shelf of the white storage unit holds coloring books, crayons, and a few snacks for the Bug when she visits.  (I sometimes have to raid her supply!) I love having a closet, but I have to remind myself that I also have to be able to fit a class of students in there if we have to "shelter in place." (Just those words make me sick. I hope we never have to!)

This new/old item turned up at Tiny Town High today.  This was K's office chair in J town.  It is in pretty rough shape, losing a bit of stuffing.  They bought her a new chair a year ago,  and she refused to use it because she loved her old one.  Last night a special delivery guy was able to sneak into Tiny Town High's office and replace her new chair with her old one from J town with a note that said, "You forgot something @ JHS."  Surprise!! She got a good laugh out of the tricks of her previous staff.  They were quite the practical jokers.

And she was right, it is a very comfortable chair; however, she loves her new office chair.  So.... I duct taped a few places where the stuffing was showing through and now have it in my room for when I conference with students or for my T.A. to use.

Oh, and still no air conditioning.  A compressor has been ordered, but it won't be here until next Wednesday.  Oh boy...!  Actually, I am surviving.  The halls are cold enough to keep my room bearable when I prop the door open!

And that's most of what is new from my room in Tiny Town High.  Now, back to work!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Still no AC in my room at school.  I don't know whether it is a good or a bad thing that my room is the only one without it.  I'm still spending my time in the Copy Room when I get too warm.

I finished my sewing yesterday. (The Mr. threw in a patching job he needed, and I even sewed up a few things that have been waiting for me to drag out the machine.)  At lunchtime, I went back to school and managed to get quite a few things done.  

I have a few new back-to-school things.  I will post pictures soon.

As for today, I am planning to head back to the Hot Box for a couple of hours.  I have some printing and copying to do. The copy machine is really busy on teacher workdays.  I hope to be done before the crowd arrives.

I seem to be on repeat:  get up, exercise, go to school (and then wonder why I showered!), then home to whatever evening activities are on tap (tonight is a Buggie sleepover), walk Baxter, and then go to bed so I can start all over again. 

Yes, the routine has begun.  (Just a little more flexibility than I will have in another week!)  We'll just call this the warm up: Getting back in the groove.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Lied

I went to school yesterday even without AC.  I spent a lot of time in the copy room of my hall which was freezing cold and then would go to my room to warm up.  Survival tool? You bet.  I accomplished quite a bit, too.

Today?  I'm sewing. L's Kindergartners were hard on the chair pockets, so I am in repair mode for about a dozen of them.  (Mostly minor problems.)  I will probably return to school this afternoon.  There is still quite a bit to do.

The Bug wanted to come see Nana yesterday when Mom picked her up from the sitter.  They had a Walmart trip to make, so that wasn't an option. She wasn't happy.  (There might have been screaming and crying involved.) She called me when they got home and asked for a sleepover.  Who could resist  that request?  (Well in a couple of weeks, I will.  Weeknight sleepovers won't be an option then, but it is still summer on Easy Street, so we are having a Thursday night sleepover.)

Tonight is our district picnic for all staff.  BOE members grill, and staff provides the sides.  This year, they are bringing in a bouncy house/castle for the kids. I guess this is a Welcome Back to School Night-- We Will See You in a Few Days kind of gathering.

Keeping my fingers crossed for AC repair for my classroom. (You'd think my "in" with the Assistant Principal would help.  Not so much.  You listening, K?)