Thursday, February 23, 2017

Opening Night

Tonight is the night! Apocalypse opens at Tiny Town High. It has been a busy couple of months, but the show is ready to go.

Eventually, I will post more, but for now I will just say: craziest show we have ever done, and the parents loved it last night at Parent Pic night.

Who'd a thunk?!

The curtain is going up in two hours. (Praying for a decent sized audience.)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy 34th

Today is L's 34th birthday!
She has always managed to keep our family entertained.

And now she has this little guy to keep her entertained.
He is pretty sweet, sometimes shy, and only once in awhile is he a crazy man! (And his momma sooooo deserves that!)

 I'm pretty sure she is spending the day at work today, but planning to celebrate with CB this weekend. And until we can celebrate with you...

Happy Birthday, dear L! You are so loved!

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Ice Day Cometh

The ice storm was kind of a bust. (OK by me.) In spite of that, we didn't have school at Tiny Town High today. It was a little slick. And it might have been guilt over messing up the calendar and not having Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off. (We're off next Monday. Weird.)

Because of this bonus day, I am caught up on grading and planning.

I wish I could say that my cold/cough was much better, but it really isn't. If I'm not better by morning, I will try to get into the Dr. in the afternoon. My chest is starting to hurt from the deep coughing. That being said, many people say this bug lasts for several weeks. Lovely.

We shall see...

The next time we have an ice/snow day, I better be caught up with everything AND healthy. I would really like to enjoy the day.

For now, I will enjoy being caught up!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Colds, Stitches, and Google Classroom

Random bits:

*The spring production is a comedy/drama called Apocalypse. It is a combination of Disney family and Zombie Vampires. We are two weeks in and so far, so good. It promises to be a good time.

*I have a student teacher this semester in my English classes. He seems like a great guy. I'm expecting a good semester.

*We are in an ice storm area, but so far we are completely dry. So much for weather forecasts.

*Classroom grading is quite different these days. Google Classroom makes it possible to have a paperless classroom. We assign papers and tests online, grade them online and put them into our online grade books. All of this is wonderful technology until the internet is down or the electricity is off. I am always glad to have hard copies of my assignments that I can pull out in a jam.

*The Bug had her first stitches this week. She slipped in the shower and split her chin. And we always thought her little sister would have dibs on the emergency room trips.  (She is such a little daredevil.)

*I am battling a nasty chest cold. Early on it sounded a bit like whooping cough. I sure hope it isn't; otherwise, I have exposed a whole lot of kids to it. Ay yi yi!

*This month I am participating in Diet Bet. I've bet $30 that I can lose 4% of my body weight in 30 days. If I am successful, my $30 is returned. (I think that the winners split the $$ that the people who don't lose the weight don't get back.) It is an interesting program with quite a few plans you can sign up for and an official weigh-in procedure. This is an online/app group. So far, so good. It doesn't hurt that I'd rather cough than eat.

*Snapchat and FaceTime messages from the grandkids are so much fun. Seeing those faces and hearing their voices makes my day.

And now it is time to get back to grading. And I haven't started lesson planning for next week yet...! Time to get my buns in gear.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

All the News That's Fit To Print

There isn't much.

I have a few choice words for the way this year is starting off, but I will leave them out of this post.

My dad has five sisters. They are all younger than Dad. They are a lively, fun bunch. I have always loved this group; their silver hair and graceful aging give me hope for my golden years. They rally around all of us when bad times come. And now, Dad's middle sister is the one in need of support. She suffered a stroke late last week and is struggling with speaking. She confuses words or doesn't speak at all. If you know my family from aunts down to cousins, speaking (and usually speaking rapidly) is what we do and who we are. We are never at a loss for words. Except now. She is. I am praying for a complete recovery--that she is as fortunate as I was.

Today, I am remembering her visiting me shortly after I returned from the Denver hospital after my stroke. I was at home but still in bed, and she came back to sit beside me and visit for just a little bit. She had to check and make sure I was OK. I was still pretty out of it and in no shape for company, but I remember her visit.

People have always said that I look like her. I guess now our similarities don't end there. I sure wish they did.

So...the chest cold, the toilet that had to be replaced, the ridiculous amount of lesson planning and grading, the purchase orders I need to write for the show and for forensic tournaments might be a pain, but my problems are small.

Aunt Anita's troubles make mine pale in comparison.

So far, 2017 has nowhere to go but up. Let's hope the turn around is quick.

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Here We Go...

Tomorrow, I head back to school. That means I have spent most of today preparing for tomorrow. I have a new prep, a student teacher, and the new spring play all starting this week. Rosters have changed and new seating charts to put together. I think I am almost ready.

How sad is it that I could almost look forward to a snow day?! I need to get back in the swing.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Recap

In the last few hours of 2016, I'll take a look back at this year.

*Our basement had emergency remodeling thanks to broken pipes and then some flooding.
*I completed my first Forensics team season, and first complete year of teaching speech, drama, and forensics.
*My car had a nasty hit and run at school. The story was fairly funny once the police figured out that the girl who had fingered another girl was actually the driver that did the damage. (It pays to offer a $100 reward for information. And no, I didn't pay it to the accuser.)
*Father of the Bride turned out to be one of the best shows we've done.
*My favorite author, Harper Lee, died while I was teaching her novel.
*The grandkids are now 5, 3, and 1. The littlest had a tough year of allergies. She was allergic to so many foods, but she is slowly outgrowing them.
*Standards Based Grading is now school wide in core subjects.
*High school friends managed two girls weekends this year. We went to Iowa to visit another high school friend and had the best time. In the fall, we went to the lake condo we have enjoyed so many times. We're lucky that Barb has one for us to enjoy.
*Spring Break we went to a huge zoo with K's family.
*We babysat all the grands at their houses: E for a long weekend and the little girls for several days.
*We visited a lake cabin to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.
*The Mr. and I Enjoyed U town football games, and I loved a Shakespeare festival performance of Julius Caesar.
*The Bug played her first piano solo "Away In A Manger." Her great-grandmother had to be so pleased.
*The English department presented on Standards Based Grading at our state English conference.

In 2016 I have discovered:

LulaRoe clothing line (almost an addiction...!)
Cherry Brandy
My shoulders are shot! 
Amazon Prime
Moscow Mules and Bloody Marys (not together)
Amazon Fire Stick- probably the wave of the future for TV viewing
Ozark Mountain aluminum water cup and aluminum straw
Converse tennis shoes (actually a re-discovery)
The Apple Watch and iPhone 6 (I am always a generation behind on phones--cheaper.)
One Word Movement

Wishing you (and all of us) a happy new year!

Monday, December 26, 2016

'Tis the Day After Christmas

We started the day with Papa cooking pancakes for the little girls and their parents. The littlest Miss is teething--and fairly miserable. She's a bit on the cranky side.

The Mr. and I took in a movie this afternoon: "On the Edge of Seventeen." I loved it.

Here are some photos from our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
We sure had a great time watching the grands open gifts and helping them play with some of their toys.

There is still quite a bit of break left for me. I have needed some play time. Hopefully, I will be refreshed for 2nd semester!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas from Easy Street

Easy Street has been a bit busy this year. So I'm wishing all of us...

a few Silent Nights
Peace on Earth
Goodwill toward mankind
and tidings of comfort and joy

It has to start somewhere. "Let it begin with me...."

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Easy Street Early Christmas

Our family celebrated Christmas a week early this year. Christmas on a Sunday is always a challenge for the non-educators in our family, so we decided to have our celebration early.

A little back story here: K and her family all had a stomach bug last week. They were finally back to normal on Friday; however, little man E came down with it on Friday morning. We told them to come anyway. (We had already been exposed.) L. succumbed on Saturday. The Big City girls weren't able to be here this weekend and luckily avoided all the germs, but we will see them over Christmas.

We had presents on Friday night and cookie baking on Saturday. This year the adult gifts had to be consumables: things that would be used up and wouldn't have to be stored. I liked this theme. It required a little thinking, and there were some great gifts.

The frigid temperatures and the snow set the scene.
There was plenty of play time and gingerbread house making.

Now, everyone is back in their own homes. Baxter is collapsed, and our house is almost back to normal--and really quiet. (I am going to be finding gingerbread candies for a few days.)  One gingerbread house was left behind. It now has a new home.
I imagine the squirrels will enjoy it.

The Mr. and I will visit both the Bs and the Ts on Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day to watch the kids open our gifts, but this was our only chance for all of us to get together.

We are looking forward to a restful week. And that is the best Christmas gift of all.