Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Day of Fall

Today is the first day of fall. Can't you tell? 


Why not?

Did the 75 degrees at 4:45 AM fool you? Or the 94 degrees in the afternoon?

Mother Nature is killing me.

That being said, I could swear I smell a hint of fall in the air!

OK. Maybe it is just ragweed. My sinuses are killing me.

Note to self: Quit sniffing the air until after the first freeze.

Bring on the fall weather. Please!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

September Fun

Fall is almost here. I can feel it.

Fall is...

long sleeved shirts
candy corn
apples and cider
soup and crock pot meals
football nights in H.S.
football afternoons for colleges
marching band half-time shows

Monday, September 12, 2016

What English Teachers Do For Fun

The English Department went to a Shakespeare Festival this weekend to see Julius Caesar performed. We had such a good time. I mean, what is a Saturday night without a corrupt government and political mayhem?

 There was quite a bit of "blood" during the stabbing scene.
In fact, we took this photo during the intermission. You can't really see him, but behind us is a staff member, mopping the "blood" off of the stage.

Yes, this is what English teachers do for fun. You might notice that there are no male "dates" with us. To them, almost anything sounded better than sitting through a Shakespeare play. They don't know what they are missing.

Oh, and the weather was so beautiful that we needed sweaters before the show was over. I love fall!

Monday, September 5, 2016

September Arrives

The last few weeks have been crazy. I will dump a few photos of the craziness.
School takes up my days. The weekends have been full of grandkids. We took Baxter with us to babysit E last weekend. Bax had never made that long of a trip, but he did great! We had such a good time playing in E's big back yard and at the neighborhood parks. Such a fun guy.

This weekend, we watched the Bug at a frog jumping contest (2nd place!), the pedal pull, and picking up candy at the parade. This was Tiny Town's Labor Day celebration. The little sister got away from Mom (before her sister participated) and made a dead run for the tractors in the pedal pull. She wanted to try, too.

We even managed to fit in a visit with the Mr.'s cousins at his brother and sister-in-law's home. We definitely try to cram too much into the weekends.

My weekdays are spent at school; evenings are spent on lesson plans, grading, and school events.

The basement? Still not done. I am growing frustrated. I just want my house back to normal.

September is in full swing. I am ready for cooler weather. Or I would be if I could get to my fall clothes. Which I can't. That won't be happening until the basement is finished, and my upstairs bedroom closet isn't blocked by three box springs and mattress sets.

Here's to hoping that life slows down as September moves on.

Friday, August 26, 2016

My First Full Week

I guess this week went about as well as expected. My feet hurt, I am slowly getting to know my students, and I am exhausted at the end of every day.

This used to be easier when I was younger and only had two preps. Those days are long gone.

Have I said I am ready for a weekend? Boy, am I ever!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

First Days, Bowling, and Pumpkins

My feet are tired and my voice feels shot. Both are a sure sign that I am back in school. And that is after a day and a half!! We'll talk next weekend after a full week.

Meeting the students in my classes and catching up with teaching friends makes the first days of school a joy.

The English teachers took a selfie for the first day back. Yes, I am not only the oldest in my department, but the oldest on staff this year. *sigh! That being said, sometimes I still feel like a kid so it isn't all bad. (I think my young colleagues keep me young.)
The fire alarm, that wasn't a scheduled alarm, added 15 minutes of additional excitement to the first full day. (A sensor in one area was malfunctioning.) We stood in the parking lot and visited in the shade, waiting for the all clear.

We took tours of my classroom areas: ramps, stage, dressing rooms, and scene shop. All of those areas are exits for my classroom. (Really happy I had just completed that when the fire alarm went off.)

My drama class has 20 highly active and incredibly funny people participating in every activity with enthusiasm. That class will keep me on my toes, I am excited to see what they produce, and I hope I have the energy to keep up with them!

The faculty enjoyed a great evening of bowling last night. I work with a fun group of people! It was a wonderful end to the week.
And the selfie stick got another workout!

Today, the weather outside is pumpkin and tailgate weather. Absolutely beautiful. In fact, I was inspired to pull out the pumpkin decorations. I would buy a big bag of candy corn to commemorate the day, but my blood sugar and weight will thank me for skipping that fall favorite.

Now to find the pumpkin spice coffee creamer...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

School Begins

Tomorrow is the first day of school with students. The teachers have spent a couple of days in meetings and working in our rooms. And now, the fun begins.

I hope I'm ready!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The Bug turns five today. Five!

These pictures pretty much sum up the Bug: a daredevil, a crazy woman, a good friend, a sweet big sister (when she isn't yelling at her for getting into her things!), and Nana and Papa's girl.

We love you sweet girl!

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Who knew that 40 years could go so fast?
Mrs. E

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Flip Side

This summer has really been a lot of fun. Of course, there is always a flip side. And here is mine:

*The basement remodel is still in the works. The guy working on it works another full time job so we are on his schedule when he has time. Right now we are waiting on the sanding of the tape on sheet rock. I really wanted to have it done before school started. Right now, I am hoping for completion by Labor Day, but perhaps I should count on Halloween.

*A week ago, I was working at school in the scene shop. Quite a few pieces had been moved because they were painting the stage. As I walked by an arched door, it fell on me. Besides smacking me in the head fairly hard, it landed on my right wrist. Nothing is broken, but my wrist is bruised and still a bit swollen. That's what I get for working at school before I really have to!

*Dry feet. Mine are horrible this summer. Ugh!

*The upstairs guest bedroom is a wreck! It is storing three beds (vertically) and all the pillows and bedding for those beds. Throw in the toy storage for the grandkids, and it looks a bit like a warehouse that has blown up! My guest bedroom will be really happy when the basement remodeling is done, too.

*My iPhone battery can't make it through a day. contract isn't up until December. I need to invest in a 2nd charger for school just to make it through the day.

*Having a great student volunteer to be my Teacher Aide, and then finding out the only hour he can do it is during my largest performance class. (I'm taking him anyway, but I anticipate that adding one more thing to an already full plate that hour.)

More weeds than grass, too many flies and mosquitoes, and all of the dust are on my list every year. This year is no different.

Overall, these are minor inconveniences. I'm grateful for that.

Now, if I could only locate my flyswatter!