Monday, May 23, 2016

Teacher Summer Problems

I am guilty of not accomplishing much around the house during the school year. Summer begins. and while I really want to realax, I end up...not!

Today, I cleaned out the pantry, two cabinets, and two boxes from the basement. I have an entire table of goods for the garage sale in early June. I am getting rid of a couple of appliances, trays, travel mugs, a box of scrap booking paper, and quite a few other items we have been storing rather than using. I keep wondering why I am storing things.

After I broke a glass lid (shattered that thing!) and needed the Mr. to finish some work in the pantry, I gave up the cabinet cleaning and switched into teacher mode...  argh!

Besides making a couple of new templates for tracking student progress next fall, I spent the afternoon working on my lesson plan book for next year. Obviously, I'm not writing lesson plans, but I did add all of the calendar dates and reminders for changes in schedule.!

Lest you think I have totally lost my mind, the Mr. and I did make a trip to Big City to celebrate this dear aunt's birthday!
She is every bit as lovely as she looks and three times as much fun. She always makes me laugh. The stories I could tell! (And probably will one of these days!)  She has five kids who are just as much fun as she is. Her youngest daughter is my cRaZy cousin who lives on the East Coast. Since she couldn't make it, we might have sent her family pictures with me taking her place in the photos!
We had a great time celebrating.

So I'm not all work and no play. I just have to pace myself. By the end of the summer, I will need to be working on school things and won't be able to make myself do it. It all seems to even out.

Now, I am off to sweep up shattered glass. *sigh!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Blogs--In Absentia

I have been an inconsistent blogger for the past year or two. Life has required more time. Writing and/or blogging has had to take a back seat. And that has led me to wonder what has happened to a couple of my favorite bloggers.

Heidi at 2 Thinks has been AWOL since October of 2012.

Rachel at Small Notebook hasn't written since January or February of 2015.

Even a local blogger, Kelli of The Hays Crew, has taken a year off.

I wonder if their lives have been in the way of their blogging.

Heidi was dealing with Empty Nest issues the last time she posted. I hope she is OK. I loved her stories of work on her house, home schooling and watching her children fly.

Rachel worries me a bit more. Her last post ended with her diagnosis of breast cancer which had spread to other areas of her body and attached to her bones. Her blog was my introduction to the "simplifying" movement. In fact, she shared "no spend" month with her readers. I loved her photos and tips, so I hope she is well and focusing on her health.

I am fortunate to keep up with Kelli on Facebook. She is a teacher and I know that she has switched grade levels yet again. (That about ended my blogging time!) Her son and I are friends on Instagram, and his photography is always a joy. I happen to know that he and his twin sister just graduated from a local university, too. I miss Kelli's blog, but I like that I can still keep up with her.

There are several other bloggers who blog in spurts the way that I do. I have a hunch they are pursuing careers or chasing children. I hope that they are not dealing with medical issues or other problems that stop their fingers from writing or their hearts from being able to share.

So this Sunday morning I am saying a little prayer for the bloggers out there whose voices have been silenced--and I'm hoping that the silence is because of too darn much busy fun to stop and blog.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

What I Love This Weekend

I am loving...

grocery shopping with the Mr.
planting the end of the flowers for the yard
a new garden flag
s'mores around a new fire ring at K and CT's
fresh mangos
finishing the laundry
fresh sheets on every bed
looking at paint colors for painting the living room this summer
a new template add-on for google (I might have been working on a couple of school things for next fall.)
slowly cleaning a bit here and there
face time phone calls with Little Man E who is talking up a storm
snuggling around a fire with the little girls (one of them might have had marshmallow in her hair!)

If this first weekend of my summer is any indication, I am in for a great summer!

Friday, May 20, 2016


Today was my first day of vacation. I checked out yesterday. AND...I didn't do a darn thing today. It was rather nice.

I take that back, I watched "The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel." I loved it. Oh, and I emptied my computer bag. Quite an accomplishment, I know.

Speaking of marigolds, I am not a huge fan of the flower. That being said, I have planted quite a few marigolds in the last two years. I read quite a bit last year, searching for plants and flowers that repel mosquitoes. Marigolds and mint are two of the most frequently mentioned. It seemed to work last year. (At least it was better than in the past.) This year, K bought me a couple of chocolate mint plants and quite a few marigolds. I think I will finish planting tomorrow. I still don't love marigolds, but they are growing on me. (Or at least around me!)

Part of the reason for not doing much today was because our internet router went out. It was kind of nice to be unplugged all day. That being said, the Mr. and I made a trip to Best Buy for a new router. Tonight, we are hooked up and going.

After an incredibly lazy day, I am pretty sure I am going to have to start some summer projects in the next few days. Otherwise, I might make the Guinness Book of World Records for the laziest person in the world. Time to start checking things off of my list.

So far...I love summer.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

End of the School Year Celebrations

Yesterday was the last day for the seniors. The class of 2016 is almost history.

Last night, we had the retirement celebration for my English colleague. She was at Tiny Town High when I arrived, and we have taught together for 34 years now. I'm happy for her, but can't imagine not seeing her every day.

This weekend, we are celebrating graduations. L graduates with her Masters in Administration this Saturday. We are so proud of her completing this Masters with a little one.

Tiny Town High graduation is on Sunday. K will actually get to be there this year. Last year, she was on maternity leave, so this will be her first graduation here.

And to add to the end-of-the-year fun, the district is choosing a new Superintendent. Three interviews are this week and one is next. I hope we find a replacement who will be good for our district.

Counting today, I have four days with all of my students, and six days with the students taking finals.

I can almost see summer from here.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend 2016

What  a nice weekend!

My weekend actually began on Thursday night when I went to see a professional production of Beauty and the Beast. I had never seen a production of it, except for the one that I directed. It was wonderful and great fun to see all the little girls in their Belle dresses in the audience. It was especially nice to see some old friends, too. We went to dinner before and then to the show.

After the show, I drove to Big City to spend the night at L's house. Little E woke me up the next morning. So sweet. We took him to his daycare, and then L and I went out for breakfast before she headed to school.

I took my time going home, as I had taken a personal day. I had time for a pedicure and some window shopping.

Saturday morning, it was so nice outside that the Mr. and I drank coffee on the deck. He went to watch the Bug's last soccer game, while Sweet Sister-in-law and I went to a Mother's Day tea. On the menu were mimosas; Downton Abbey spiced tea; tiny sandwiches of salmon and cucumber mousse, egg salad with pickled radishes, and cream cheese and asparagus; lavender scones with Devonshire cream; strawberries filled with Mascarpone cheese; and famous Presidential fudge. We enjoyed a string quartet and then listened to a speaker share historical information on the influence of women. The speaker was a little long, but the rest of the tea was just wonderful.

In the late afternoon, I attended an outdoor wedding in Tiny Town. It was a simple service that took about 10 minutes, and then they cut the cake, toasted, and began the reception line. The food was delicious, and I had a chance to catch up with some former students and old friends. I love these simple weddings.

In the evening, K, the Bug, and I went to see the Tiny Town Big Senior production. There was quite a bit of silly fun and the seniors were having a ball.

Sunday, after coffee on the deck again, the Mr. and I headed to church. We left a bit early to meet L and E at a restaurant an hour away. CB was having a Mother's Day dinner with his mom, so we met for lunch and shopped for a bit.

 It was a pretty great weekend. AND...only one more weekend to go and school will be out for the summer! Woo to the hoo!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Generations of Mothers

L, as both a mom and stepmom
K, mommy of two little girls
A great mother-in-law
A Super Stepmom
And here I am with my Mom in 1959 or so.
Below are Mom and Dad with K in 1980.

One of mom's school pictures from her elementary teacher days.
She's been gone 25 years--and I still miss her.

These days I have more pictures with the grandkids than my daughters.
Seriously, I can't find a recent one of the three of us. 
Can you feel the selfie stick coming out??

Generations of mothers.
"Strong women:
May we know them
May we raise them
May we be them."

And this is what I am planning to do today...
OK, maybe those feet will mow the lawn, too.
We shall see.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

National Teacher's Day Celebrating

Today is National Teacher's Day.

There are about a million reasons to celebrate, but I will keep my list shorter than that.

I am celebrating:

*dedicated teachers who arrive early and stay late
*copy machines that work and rarely jam
*a library full of books (that are checked out often)
*school cooks who make a special staff meal on Fridays and deliver ice cream to our rooms to celebrate us (yesterday's fun!)
*Expo markers and whiteboards, even though I miss my good old fashioned chalkboards
*carts of computers and iPads that get a daily workout
*elastic bladders that are trained to wait until the bell and can make a bathroom trip in under 4 minutes
*comfortable shoes and clothes with pockets
*gum, mints, and Lemonheads to get me through the day
*blue jean Fridays
*coaches and sponsors who put in extra time outside of the classroom with students
*and students, lots and lots of students
     *students who try and students who don't
     *students who love learning and those who fight it every step of the way
     *students who make us proud and those that break our hearts
     *students who follow every rule and those who...don't
     *students of every shape, ability, and attitude who fill my classroom with chatter and laughter--
                did I mention complaining? Yes, there is that, too.
*mainly, I am celebrating the end of school year number 37

And that explains the gray hair.

Monday, May 2, 2016


As a kid, I can remember rolling paper into cones, adding yarn for a handle, and filling the cone full of Mom's lilacs. We would deliver a May basket on May Day to Grandma. We'd knock on the door and run. (Of course, it was fun to be caught in the act, too.)

When K and L were small, they delivered May baskets to their babysitter. The "baskets" were usually made out of the paper cones or a Styrofoam cup.

And now it is the next generation's turn. The Bug has delivered May baskets for several years. Last year, I helped her deliver them because Mommy was in the hospital having her baby sister.  This year, the Bug and Mommy delivered. The Bug assured me that next year Little Sis would join in. She was just too little this year.
I loved this mug of flowers! So sweet.

Speaking of traditions, the littlest granddaughter received this from her mommy and daddy for her 1st birthday.
K found it on Ebay. A horse quite similar to this belonged to Little Sis in California when she was a toddler. Grandpa at the Farm made a rocking horse for the girls when they were little and used Little Sis's horse for the pattern. K is pretty sure there will be a fight for the horse Grandpa made someday.
The horse Dad made is still on Easy Street. The handle has been chewed by Baxter,
but the kids still love playing with it.
When they aren't here, it sits on a shelf just keeping an eye on things.

Some traditions are worth keeping.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy 1st

This little sweetie turned one yesterday.
Nana spent the day at State Forensics, so we are celebrating today.

Happy May Day!

We love May. The month of the Kentucky Derby, Cinco De Mayo, graduations, Mother's Day, and the last day of school. It is a fun month.