Monday, September 15, 2014

CrAzy Fun

The last week has been nuts.  Let's see...

*I went to Big City to take care of little E.  He was so much fun, but I forget how much work babies are.  He is learning to walk, so keeping up with him is a challenge.  If all else failed, he loved being outside.  Such a busy little soul.

*There is so much going on at school that every day/night is full of lesson planning, making activities, and writing tests.  It pays off to be on top of it, but my evenings are full.

*Before I left for Big City, I filled in for Mommy K at the Bug's ballet class.  (Mommy & Me Ballet)  That had me driving to Big City after dark...with one headlight.  The headlight is now replaced, but that required playing musical cars with the local garage.
(Yes, every girl needs her binoculars while taking her babies for a ride.)

*K, the Bug, Friend E, and I all ran at the U town color run.  What a fun time!
These were the before pictures.
And after the 5K.....

*Nephew #3 was married over the weekend.  Gorgeous day.  Gorgeous couple.  It was so good to spend some time with family.  Particularly enjoyed some time with the Mr.'s cousins who had made the trip.

And now this week promises to be just as jam packed:

*After school, I am going to the visitation for a classmate who lost her mom.  I will travel to the hometown after Inservice today.

*My service sorority has our first evening meeting of the school year, and the U Football team plays on a weeknight instead of Saturday. I'm going to be rushing to get on the road after school that day.

*Little Big Brother has been in a musical in J Town.  I want to try to see the show on Friday night.

*Homecoming Week for Tiny Town High means Spirit Week and crazy dressing every day, too.

*Arts in the Park is at the hometown this weekend, and I have another wedding that night--this time for a former student.

The good in all the craziness?

Candy corn
Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer--yum!
Cooler weather (the Color Run was almost cold!)
Color run T-shirts that came clean after they were washed
Zumba and Morning Runs

Actually, the craziness has been fun and I wouldn't miss a moment of it, but I am ready to relax and enjoy this beautiful weather.  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Expect the Unexpected

Friday ended up being a short work day for me.  I felt a bit rough when I woke up, but by the time I arrived at school, some kind of stomach bug hit.  (I'll spare you the details.) I barely made it through 1st hour.  I'm not sure you have ever seen a teacher trying to write out sub plans at warp speed.  It was ugly.

By late afternoon, I was almost back to normal. Of course, I missed our teacher tailgate and the first football game of the year. (And we won!!) 

Today, life feels back to normal.  A little Bug is coming to stay with me, while Daddy hunts and Mommy goes to the Teacher of the Year banquet with a J town colleague.  We have used disinfecting wipes to make sure we don't share my bug with the Bug. 

So what's on tap?  I'm pretty sure she is bringing her Candy Land game or her Frozen match game.  Baxter will get walked--probably more than once.  We are making pigs in a blanket for lunch.  Hopefully, she will willingly take a nap.  (We shall see...!)

Expect the unexpected?  Yes, I'm pretty sure that might be the Bug's theme song.  Do you think she gets that from me???

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sweet Mercy...

Friday has arrived. 

For a short week, this was a long one.  I'm not quite sure why, but I know that I am exhausted.  And everyone else I have talked to seems to feel the same.

I know I am going to reach a point where this year doesn't feel so brand new.  I wish that I felt more settled into the routine.  I don't.  I don't think our students do either.

We are only three weeks in.  I guess I need to be more patient.  We will get there...I hope.

In the meantime, I had a nice little note from my new assistant principal. (And it didn't have anything to do with being her mother.) Sometimes, it is the little things, people. 

And I'm counting on the little things to get me to the weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

And the first day back...

To be honest, it bordered on disaster all day.

Technology didn't work.  I'm not talking just computers, though when they don't work they wipe out our ability to take attendance, send assignments to the copier to print, or work in our grade book.  I'm talking about things like clocks and phones.  Thankfully, the bells, intercom, and air conditioning all worked.

The day found a lot of the teachers scrambling to change plans.  Assignments couldn't be given because we couldn't print.  Tests that needed to be taken online, couldn't be taken.  It was a tad crazy.  (Well, except I sometimes like flying by the seat of my pants.)

What will today bring?? Stay tuned! The week is yet young!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

This was our last three day weekend until Veterans Day.  (That sounds like a long way off!)

Let's see, we...

*suffered in the heat of a college football game. (I didn't know I could sweat that much--gross!)

*made a trip to see L, CB, and the little man, who kept reaching for Papa--*sigh! He did love Nana playing with him while he was trapped in his car seat, which almost made up for him always reaching for Papa.  (My jelly bean bribes have to wait for another year.  Darn it!) By the way, E's hair now has the sweetest little ringlets!!  Love them!

*enjoyed several nice rain showers--and a whole lot of lightning.

*were able to spend some time with the Bug.  She and I took a long walk to the convenience store during the HS scrimmage. (Mommy was working, and Buggy needed a distraction.) Then she and Mommy visited for some juice, jelly bean, and play time on Sunday night. We also went to the frog and turtle races with her on Labor Day. 

*had an impromptu breakfast with Little Big Brother, SIL, and LuLu.

*spent a bit of time at Tiny Town's Labor Day celebration.

*met up with Cousin D and his wife so they could give me this:
Their beautiful daughter made it for me--and it is already in my classroom.  I had admired one that she had made for her Mom when I saw the picture of it on Facebook. I love it!!  (And I probably owe her some money.)

Favorite photos of the weekend--only the last one is mine; these first photos are courtesy of the Moms.
L is taking the first six hours toward her degree in administration.  E wasn't crazy about her closing herself in her office area, so he kept checking on her.  If that isn't the sweetest photo!!

Buggy and her daycare friend riding a little "train" and then watching the parade. (Mainly, collecting and sharing candy. "I'm a candy eating machine!" yikes!) 

And finally, the curls on the teething boy.  
The bib says it all.
(Bib for the drool monster!)
It was a good long weekend.  Now, back to school!

Monday, September 1, 2014

September is...

September is...

sharpened pencils
Big Chief tablets
Friday night HS football games
Saturday afternoon college football games
crisp apples
hauling out the pumpkins
cooler nights
Tiny Town Labor Day celebrations
colorful mums
Homecoming floats
the return of sweater weather

September is...summer's last gasp.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I have air conditioning in my classroom, as of this afternoon at 1:00 or so! 

You know how when you wash your car, it rains??  I might have applied that same theory to my AC. On Tuesday, I moved to a classroom with air AND a working technology center. After school, I donned tennis shoes and moved several carts of supplies to that room. 

Sure enough on Wednesday afternoon, my new assistant principal came to my room to tell me the AC guys were in the school. (Of course they were. I had just moved a great deal of my old room to a new room.)  The AC guys didn't get it fixed Wednesday night, but a half day of work this morning did the trick!  My 7th hour helped me move all those supplies back, so tomorrow I am back in my own classroom. (And hopefully, for good!)

Oh, and the Tech guy fixed my tech center yesterday.  Actually, he pulled a tech plate control pad from another (unused) classroom and had mine up and running again. 

I am in heaven!  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oh me, Oh my

Truly, it is the same ol' story: no AC (the part is ordered...again!) and the Tech Company has not been here to work on my technology center, though they have set up appointments that they fail to keep.  The AC has been out since August 4th; the Tech Center has been out since last May.  But, "If you can't say anything nice...."

Right now, my lips are stapled AND duct taped on this subject.  There are about a million questions I would like to ask, but on to my happy place.

Random Facts that you probably can't wait to hear.

1.  I hate black Jelly Beans.  Licorice is not a favorite flavor.  I also hate the root beer flavored ones.

2.  Power Bars have become a meal supplement when I need something quick or forget my lunch.  Favorite?  Pure Protein in any Peanut Butter flavor.

3. The end of the third toe on my right foot has random shooting pains.  No idea why, but it sure is annoying.

4. Mr Baxter can spell.  Every night when I spell "w-a-l-k" to tell the Mr. what time I am going, he sits and whines.  He wants to go immediately. Stupid smart dog.

5. I play the French Horn. Well, I used to. There are times that I wish I owned one.  (Not happening.)

6. U Town College Football starts this coming weekend.  Bet you can guess where the Mr. and I will be!

7. Watching the "Hip Hop Abs" infomercial (for about 20 seconds), I realized that my Zumba class incorporates those moves.  However, my abs look NOTHING like the abs on that infomercial.  I'll spare you the photo comparisons.

8. I am searching for "yards without grass" ideas.  When the Mr. mows our yard, it looks like a small dust storm.  (Lots of shade makes growing grass tough.)

9. Lately, I have been on a Doctor search.  I find a Dr. I love, and they leave.  I find a Dr. I don't love, and I leave.  I find a Dr. I love, and they leave.  It is a crazy cycle.  The latest Dr. is now leaving.  On a good note, his P.A. is staying.  Fortunately, I preferred him. (He spoke English I could understand!)

10. A Tiny Town High Grad is on the SyFy Channel show "Face Off."  He does major stage makeup each week, and then the least successful contestant each week goes home.  He is crazy talented--and completely self taught.  (And he's competing against some professional makeup artists.) It is a joy to see him grown up, taking criticism like a pro (something hard for him at 16), and quite well spoken.  He's been making his former teachers proud!

And there you have it: the end of redundancy.  (There are only so many no-AC-in-my-classroom posts that I can write. Sadly, the end is not in sight.)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Oh Me, Oh My!

It is now official.  School has started.  I spent about eight hours of my weekend working on school: grading, filing, and planning.

Only about half of that time was spent in my classroom.  I still have no AC, and it is plenty warm.

As a perk for surviving the week with no AC and no teacher technology, I went in for a pedicure and a manicure.  I figured I was due.  And then I turned around and worked in the hot room anyway  *sigh!

On a good note, my new FitBit came on Friday.  I am back to monitoring steps.

Oh, and the ALS ice bucket challenge (our entire staff and administration did it Friday afternoon) actually felt quite refreshing.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

No Blogging. No AC.

No AC in my room at school has about wiped this teacher/blogger out. 

On a good note, my lovely cousin D has called me out on the Ice Water Bucket challenge.  And that's the good news.

The really good news? It is happening tomorrow during the last five minutes of school. 

How sad that the cold water actually sounds delightful! 

My life has reached pathetic new lows.