Sunday, January 18, 2009

L's Birthday

We've been celebrating a birthday today. L was "thrilled" by her 6 a.m. singing phone call. Sis and roomie brought her breakfast in bed, which she was a little more awake for at 8:00 or so. We joined them for lunch, cake and gifts. I think karaoke is on the menu for tonight. She's thinking its great to have a birthday before a National Holiday--celebrations can run later! Still Daddy's girl.

It is always work to surprise, L. Such an observant,
nosey little thing!!
Success this year: the papasan chair she wanted for her room.
(Hauling it to home was another story. Do you know those don't really fit in a trunk?!)
Twenty-sixth year wishes!
(And smart to keep her hair out of the flames!)
And here's to many more!

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Murf said...

Happy Birthday Liz. I hope it was a good one. I am so happy to see another blog from Chapman. I will put a link from mine to here. Talk soon. I have lots of info about overseas teaching.