Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fabulous February

I can't believe it is February already. Our 60+ temperatures make me think of April. And today, the school ran our 8 period schedule with no assembly or anything scheduled. Instead, the administration gave us the entire hour and a half period, normally a class period and lunch, for an all-school lunch period/break. Some staff monitored streets and parking lots, but all staff met for a long lunch. The kids ate and then stayed on the school ground, playing football, listening to car stereos, and generally hanging out. One creative group had thrown a grill into the back of a truck and grilled hot dogs. The weather was beautiful and kids and staff alike had a chance to socialize and relax. This was the our best day at school in a long time. No kid broke the rules; a sure sign they were grateful for the effort the school had made for them.

With spring only six weeks away, it is hard not to think about spring storms. I worry about how our community will deal with bad weather. I dread thinking about students who might panic at the clouds and wind sure to blow our way. All the tornado siren tests and drills are just a month or so away. Mainly, I hate thinking about these things on a beautiful day like we had today.

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