Sunday, March 29, 2009

Change--And how it changes us

Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and disasters in general can change our lives in just seconds. They devastate and destroy. Since last summer, this is what my school and town look like: This is my old classroom:
And this is my modular classroom now. (They don't like it when we call them trailers.) In fact, every school in our town is now in modulars. There is nothing like a disaster to show you the true character of your colleagues and fellow townspeople. Each of us found out rather quickly what we were made of. So what have I learned?
  • I'm stronger than I think.
  • My attitude is more important than the circumstances.
  • A little creativity can go a long way to make situations bearable.
  • We're all in this together. We never go it alone.

Tough times come. They aren't fun. We survive, adapt, and make the best of the hand we are dealt. And I like to think we are better because of the trials--the tornadoes. They shake us up and remind us not to store up our treasures on earth. Things don't matter-- people do, and they won't be around forever either. Now is all we have.


Farrah Braniff said...

These pictures are amazing. Hurricane Ike blew through Houston last year and changed so many of our lives. We are definitely all in this together!

ELK said...

amazing images ...what a true statement about tough times...i am so enjoying your space here

Gayle said...

Mrs. E, you are a very wise woman!