Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I changed the name of our blog. I've been trying to figure out what to call it for some time now, and decided on Easy Street.

This isn't about taking the easy way out of things. Having a work ethic is important to me--giving my best is a priority.

Do we really live on Easy Street? In this economy, does anyone? During the summer of 2008 our town, school, and church were destroyed by a tornado. No, life isn't Easy, but the companions who travel this street--this road with me, make life seem that way.

We've had our share of bumps and potholes on this street. (Click here for one of the major potholes.) In spite of it all, I've always had people to hold my hand and make me laugh. Most of the time I feel like the sun is shining down on me--and that it has been most of my life. Easy Street--maybe it's an attitude. At any rate, it's my street.


A said...

i like the new name of your blog and the whole thought behind it!

2Thinks said...

I concur.


Amy L. said...

Collette, You are amazing!