Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Madness

I love the NCAA Basketball craziness. (My bracket is doing A-OK, and since I pay no attention during the season--yea me!) However, this March Madness is the weather. No school yesterday because of the forecast, and this is what the roads looked like at the end of the day. (I was glad for our students. Wind chill was miserable and the kids were spared a day of freezing even if there wasn't snow. Using city blocks for hallways makes bad weather challenging and frustrating.) This morning I wake up and it looks like this:
We had about six inches of snow overnight and some freezing sleet, too. Madness!! Just a week ago we were at 78 degrees and air conditioning!
So I figure to get my 30 minutes of exercise for the 2nd Cup of Coffee Challenge, I'll just scoop snow today. Well, the snow is so heavy with ice that I barely made a dent. My exercise will be in 10 minute spurts in hope of avoiding a heart attack! Madness!
As you can see, I didn't get far in 10 minutes. And to top it off, it is snowing again! Spring? I guess. March? For sure! (She did come in like a lamb, and she's going out like a lion. The old wives knew something!)


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

My goodness. The weather is nuts all over the country. We (Indiana) had some gorgeous days last week, and now they're telling us light snow in the morning. My blogger friend in TX had hail the size of golf balls. Good grief! But geez-louise, shoveling is definitely moving around. Do not let the frozen tundra defeat you because in a week or two, you are going to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and you will either A) Have to start all over B) Feel really glad and proud that you hung tough even before spring actually arrived. You can do it!

Jenny said...

Wow that is a lot of snow. Here by way of 2nd cup of Coffee. At least you still did the challenge even in the snow. Props to you:)

Gayle said...

I generally enjoy shoveling snow and the feeling of accomplishment I have when I am finished, but...not at the end of March and not when it is heavy with ice! Like I said in my other comment, I hope it warms up and melts quickly!