Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Trees--Creek Clean Up

Unlike the river, the creek that runs near our town was full of debris from the tornado. This part of the creek sits northeast of town-- the direction the tornado took after leaving us. The tornado left a lot of remnants of the devastation here. A community member applied for a grant, and a clean up operation has been in action for several weeks thanks to that funding. There had been some concern about all the debris causing flooding, but you can see the water is flowing again and the banks are pretty much cleared.

Piles of debris have been taken from the creek. (These are just a few the many piles accumulated.) Of course, a lot of tree limbs were in the water, along with sheet metal and remains of homes and possessions. (Remembering back to last summer, these piles are small compared with what was piled on the streets of town as cleanup began.)
Treetops and branches are gone. It will be interesting to see what this area looks like after the trees bud and leaves come out. For right now, it is nice to see that it is possible to get down to the creek again.

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