Friday, May 1, 2009

And the Show Goes On

This has been the week of the big show. I wrote about it here. It has been hectic with evening rehearsals. We finally got on a stage on Monday. The theater we have been "loaned" is wonderful!! Absolutely beautiful! Most of the cast had games or meets on Tuesday, but we rehearsed with those still left. Wednesday was our Parent Picture Night, so the kids had a small audience who loved it. We opened last night with a big crowd. There were a few flubs, but overall the show went well. Now we have three performances left: Saturday matinee and evening performances and a Sunday matinee. I am glad it is almost over. Such odd circumstances this year and a lot of obstacles to overcome, but the seniors have a show of which they can be proud. I look forward to life returning to normal. The craziness is about to end!


elk said...

big sigh of relief!

Alicia said...

Cool! Matinees are in play now! How long have you guys been doing that?

Mrs. E said...

We had to bring back matinees for this theater. It only seats about 450. In order to make the same number of tickets available, we had to offer matinees. BUT... the theater is beautiful-- I think a 10 million dollar renovation of an old Opera House. Cool dressing rooms, etc. Just amazing! (Wish our new auditorium could be this awesome!)