Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chaos Reigns

For the last two to three weeks, my entire life has been wrapped up in the big senior production. A new director and no auditorium guaranteed that we were a couple months behind schedule. With a lot of work (and nagging) we caught up to speed. Well, almost. However, everything else in my life is a mess! Take a look at my desk at school. Am I supposed to be teaching, too?!!

I'm not about to show you what my house looks like. Digging off the front room couch is a priority. The car looks like an office on wheels. The best thing about the last few weeks: my English classes are studying my all-time favorite novel! As soon as this afternoon's matinee is over, I get my life back. I've been asking myself if I am helping with the show again? I still don't know the answer to that one. Pay is lousy. And did I mention the nagging? I'll give it a few weeks before I make a decision. In the meantime-- it is time to get my life back in order!


Wendy said...

I came for my Sunday visit and I find chaos!! :) Boy do you ever have your hands full! The good news is your desk is tidier than mine. That might make you feel better.

elk said...

you will be OK ~ it is over now and oh the novel ...and school is almost done!
hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon. Nice pic at the bottom- good thing I scrolled all the way down. I'm very new to blogging. I love the whole new world that it is. My blog is visually not too interesting- I know how to write on it, but pictures and wallpaper and stuff- well, let's just say, I hope they're forthcoming.

Anyway, I'm Heidi at 2 Thinks to Share

The URL doesn't match well anymore, I started out with a Gone With the Wind theme, but have since changed it up. Hope you'll visit me sometime. Read my post about why I changed it up (Note) and let me know what you think about Scarlett and whether she changed at all by the end of the story...I see you like the book and I wonder what a teacher would say about that.