Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

I'm in countdown mode.
  • 6 class days left with seniors
  • 8 class days left with most juniors and seniors (If they reach mastery on assessments, they get to opt out of finals.)
  • 14 days (including weekends) until teachers are through for 08-09
  • 19 days until the family "Woodstock" takes place at my grandparent's farm (Think 38 1st cousins + spouses + kids + dogs = wild weekend of our annual family camping reunion.)
  • 1 long summer stretching out before me. After last summer's tornado clean up, I think everyone in town is looking forward to a lazy summer.
  • 5 boxes of supplies for next year that have already come in and had to be put away! (Trailer storage is limited. Could I put shelves in the bathroom??)
  • 1 room and 1 closet at home that need major de-cluttering this summer.

One of the things I love most about teaching is that there is a definite beginning, middle, and end every single year. Most jobs have overlapping tasks, so when one job is done there are still others at various stages of completion. Not teaching. It may be a mad whirlwind for 9 months, but I get the satisfaction of finishing the job, basking in some down time, and then starting again. That is a psychological perk that almost makes up for less than wonderful wages!


Bren said...

Here's to summer! Can't wait. My kids are in for another two weeks.
Happy Spring

elk said...

i could not agree more!! 20 school days for both my daughter and I!