Monday, June 8, 2009

On the Road Again

I pull on my tennis shoes at 6:00 AM and am back at it again. This is the third time I have followed the Couch Potato to 5 K running program. Believe it or not, it is fairly painless. I could kick myself for sleeping in this spring instead of hitting the road. (During school, I go at 5 AM and that is part of the problem! *sigh*) Since the tornado, I still don't like walking or running in our small town. I miss the tree-lined streets. The empty lots depress me. (In the dead of winter it is too dark to see anything but stars.) Thank goodness the Mr. doesn't mind driving to some local trails with me. Right now, our favorite trail is around a small pond in a nearby town. I love the trees and water. He walks, I run and walk, and all is right with the world.
These two pictures are of a river path not too far away. It is a great running or bike path either one. We ventured out there on Sunday for a stroll. This guy took off running with a full backpack. I doubt I will ever get that crazed. We watched a family in three canoes prepare to embark on an all day float trip. Between the wild flowers, river, birds, and trees, there are lots of distractions to help you forget you are exercising. Well, almost. If it is 6:00 AM, I'll be the one in jogging togs and tennis shoes, listening to a hot pink ipod shuffle and gasping for air.


margie said...

i am leaving now. runners are on. dog is waiting impatiently. i have to get back at it as well. winter is a killer but the sun is shining today.

2Thinks said...

I'm impressed. I can't really run. I bike. I walk. 6:00 am sounds like insanity to me. But I know it is actually discipline at its best. The spot is beautiful.

Getting closer to my camera purchase,so I can show you some of the beauty around here.


Gayle said...

What a beautiful area to run in!

Puna said...

Good for you Mrs. E! I hope you have many pleasant and peaceful runs this summer. Enjoy it, it seems that when we get busy, taking care of ourselves is the first thing to go. I'm sorry about the tornado...what a shame!