Saturday, June 20, 2009

Passing It On

Gayle, over at Planet M, was kind enough to give me this blog award. My only job is to accept it, link it back to her, and then award 15 blogs I've discovered and love. I then have to contact them, let them know, and give you the link to their blogs. If they accept, they link back to me and then give their own awards with links to blogs they love. I am happy to share with you some of my favorites.

Some of the loveliest blogs I have come across:

Alicia at A New York City Life Besides being a wonderful photographer, Alicia is a former student. I wish I could take credit for her, but she was creative and amazing when I got her. She gives me a glimpse of her life in NYC, AND she's a teacher now!! Yes, I'm proud!

Mod Girl at Modobject at Home My guess is she has been awarded numerous awards and is so modest she doesn't accept them, but I don't care. Her blog gives simple glimpses of a beautiful, charming life. And her photography!! (Are you noticing a trend here?! I love great photos.)

Ols1 at My Life Through a Lens This is a new find for me. Great quotes, thoughts on those quotes, and beautiful photos. Lovely.

Heidi at 2 Thinks to Share Refreshingly honest and interesting--every time I visit! If we lived closer, I think we would be great friends!

Katie at Ragamuffin Gal Oh, the vintage art and craftiness of this talented lady! I'm a lurker!

Elk at Red or Gray Wonderful photography and words that inspire. Daily meditation for me!

Bren at B G Garden Blog She has the most wonderful gardens and truly great photography. I drool!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.


Alicia said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I'm so happy we've connected this last year through blogs :) I definitely LOVE having yours to check every morning when I wake up and I feel like my day isn't complete if you don't have a post up! :) Happy weekend! xoxox. A

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Coming from a blogger I admire ~ this is a gracious gift! Thank you ever so much! I only wish you hadn't already received it for I would surely give it to you as well!
Blessings Dear Friend,

Bren said...

I am so honored that one of my favorite bloggers is mentioning little ol' me! THANK YOU for the bottom of my heart.<3 It means so much to me! I will gladly except my award and post it as soon as time allows on my blog.
FOR NOW... heading off to TWITTER your delightful entry. THANK YOU!

~MG said...

Why thank you, Mrs. E! What a delightful and thoughtful recognition! Thank you, thank you!

I do have to say that your own photography isn't shabby at all. I can tell you have an eye for it... which is probably why you love viewing the photography of others. We tend eye candy people tend to gravitate to each other!

You made me smile today!

elk said...

you are so generous and kind to include me in such a wonderful list of ladies...i am so happy to have found you!

Relyn said...

Oh, you picked two of my favorites, which makes me very excited to head off and discover the other blogs you've chosen.

Gayle said...

I have to check out the blogs you have awarded!

ols1 said...

Hello Mrs E - thank you so much. After visiting your site - I can see why you like photography so much - you have such a good eye for it. Thank you again - I am chuffed :)

2Thinks said...

Fashionista and I snuck out of the cottage and tiptoed into the truck and burned rubber over to the nearest town up here where she could take her orange laptop to the local coffee shop that offers free WiFi and say hello to her friends via facebook and I could slip into the little library to check out blogworld AND LOOK what I found!!!! Oh my goodness! I am soooo excited I could do a flip right here in the library. I'm giggling with glee over this, my very first award!! Thank you Mrs. E. Yes, I am sure we would be good friends if we lived closer. BUT wait.. We are already good friends aren't we?? Yes. If you ever get to Grand Rapids, you look me up right away. Thank you for this great honor!

The library has a 30 minute limit for computer use, so I will have to figure out how to pass this award on to 15 others when I get home on Friday!

We are having so much fun up here fishing and such.
Thank you so much Teach- you're the bestest!

2Thinks said...

Okay, I'm home now and the first thing I wanted to do is put the award on my sidebar and link back to you and give it to 15 of my faves. So, how do I do that, exactly? I don't see any HTML code to grab and paste here or at Planet M.

I'm so glad you are a teacher.