Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back from the Lake

The Mr. and I rented a cabin on a lake for a few days. I loved the cabin. It is the kind of cabin we need to build at the farm one day: small, good use of space, and really nice. As nice as it was, we didn't spend a lot of time indoors. The sky was overcast most of the time we were there, but we still spent most of the time outside on the deck . We ate breakfast and had coffee out there, made use of the hot tub, and watched the boats go by.
The Mr. will tell you that I spent a lot of time reading on the deck. (I did.) I made a good dent in The Time Traveler's Wife. The movie is due out soon, so I want to have it finished. (Yes, I finally broke down and bought it.)
I would have finished it, but instead I read the entire book of The Girls from Ames. My dear Aunt C was good enough to loan me her copy. It is a great non ficiton read about the friendship of 11 women who grew up in Ames Iowa and graduated from HS in 1981. It follows their friendship from elementary school through today. I will probably purchase a copy of this book for my daughters to read and share with their friends.
We did several other things while we were at the lake, but mainly--I did a lot of this:
Feet up, flat out relaxing!
I'll post pictures of the rest of our short vacation in the next few days,
but for now--the laundry is calling my name!


elk said...

sounds and looks like a really nice few days ~

2Thinks said...

Cabin on the lake, reading, relaxed toes. Ahh that looks soooo good. A lot different from what I am about to embark upon, but I am lookin forward to it! You and I have similar love of family, I see that clearly.

Have a good weekend!

Rachel said...

That looks like the best vacation! Welcome back, and I'm putting those books on my library list.

ols1 said...

Half your luck - sounds wonderful - I bet you feel refreshed - those weekends are very therapeutic.

Brandi said...

I never have posted before, but the book you mentioned about Ames, IA made me change my ways today! My family is from that area of IA--I think that might be a perfect gift for my mom's birthday that is coming up! Maybe she will recognize a name of a family she knew.

Love reading your blog.