Thursday, July 16, 2009

Slowness of Move #2

I am headed to U town this morning to see L's house. She was supposed to move yesterday. The problem is that these two women teachers are moving into a house that five college guys have lived in for the past eight years. Yeah! Use your imagination!

The owners of the house are probably not thrilled with the condition of the house, but since their sons and friends were the renters--they are having to deal with it.

Problem here? We are down to crunch time! The carpet at the duplex is being cleaned on Tuesday, so L has to have her things out of carpeted areas. (That leaves her the kitchen and the garage.) The duplex has to be cleaned, and then that landlord is doing the final walk-through with the girls on the 28th.

My understanding is that the owners of the house are meeting with contractors today to replace the kitchen floor and remodel a bathroom. (What have they been waiting for?!) I'm hopeful that those contractors can work really fast. Has the house been cleaned yet? I'm not sure, but probably doubtful. (They did haul away several loads of trash the boys left behind! Maybe they had to do that before the contractors could see where to work!) L really needs to move in a week from today or tomorrow.

I hope the girls haven't had the cable, electricity, and water switched over to their name yet. After all, no sense in paying for it when you don't even live there yet!

I'm pretty sure the landlords are getting a good deal out of renting to the girls. They will have the house looking good (eventually), so the landlords will have it all ready to sell in a couple of years. Somehow, I think it would be harder to sell with the beer bottle decor, hanging carpet for a wall in the basement, nine refrigerators, and a TV in every room-- not to mention the bannister that had been torn off the wall.

You might be wondering why the girls chose this particular place?? L's friend has a dog. A big dog. This was one of the few places that would take a dog over 30 pounds. All for a d!$% dog!


2Thinks said...

Oh dear. I know what you mean about the kids and the places they are going to live in. Pilgrim just signed a one year lease for $975/month- for a one bedroom apt. in California- with only one other guy to share that enormous rent. Pilgrim pops corn for a living. I'm curious and hopeful all at the same time.

Gayle said...

Oh, man! Those contractors better be fast! A hanging carpet for a wall? Nine refrigerators?! Yipes!