Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Newspaper Routes

I am moving sluggishly today. Getting up at 4:30 AM for the past two days will do that for you. Quite a few years ago, the Mr. and I ran a morning paper route in town. We had over 100 newspapers to deliver. I took about 30 and ran them on foot. He ran the other 60 or so by car. (I figured I was getting paid to exercise.) The lady who has the route now calls us a couple of times of year to be her sub. (Subs are hard to come by for that hour of the day!) So for the last two days, we ran her route. I have decided I am too old for this now. I am a "morning" person, but not quite that early of a morning person!

The paper route only has 67 or so subscriptions now. I guess that is the fate of newspapers all over this country. People no longer read the paper like they did. The Mr. and I quit subscribing when we realized how much recycling we were having to do. (It doesn't take long to have a huge stack of newspapers!) The economy has affected subscriptions, too. Like many people now, we read the news online. I have to admit that I miss the crossword puzzle, jumble, and cryptoquip, but I guess those puzzles aren't really a good enough reason to take a paper. The perk to online news: no black ink on your hands. (You'd think with all the developments in this land that they could produce ink on newsprint that wouldn't end up all over your hands!)

On a sad note, one of my favorite "customers" on my old foot route died a couple of weeks ago. He lived at a Senior Housing Center here in town. Every morning when I delivered the papers for that place, he would be waiting for me. I looked forward to seeing him, his cowboy hat, and his big grin every day. He'd ask me how the running was going, comment about the weather, or ask why I was early or late. Since most houses were dark when I delivered their paper, it was nice to actually see someone. He made my world a little happier every day. "Some people make the world more beautiful just be being in it." That's how I felt about Otto. He might be the greeter in heaven now. He'll be the tall one in cowboy boots and hat with a grin a mile wide!


Christina said...

Here's to Otto! If it weren't for people like him... : )

2Thinks said...

Well, I look forward to be greeted by Otto when I pass through the pearly gates. You have reminded me of a story- for a post- about subbing for the delivery boy. Thanks! It was a while ago, but I might try to ressurect the memory. Maybe.

BTW I follow a fabulous photographer blogger, Jientje (jean-chu)from Belgium and she is going on a whirlwind tour of the U.S. to meet her stateside bloggies! Isn't that incredible! I was thinking- I should trek to wherever it would be to meet my mid-west or southeast or wherever bloggies or vice versa. Wouldn't that be fun? Maybe I should organize a somewhere weekend blog meeting party. Like at the cow birthing barn in Indiana! Ha!


ols1 said...

It was a lovely post about Otto - you are right there are some people that make the world more beautiful by being in it - now Heaven will have an extra star.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh This is a fabulous post Mrs. E.! I love those moments of grace we get to have every once in awhile in our life! I'll look for Otto ~ I have a feeling there will be a lot of Ottos in heaven ~ don't you? Blessings, Katie

Gayle said...

I love your thought that Otto might be a greeter in Heaven now! Very sweet.

margie said...

guys like otto make our days. they are everywhere, bringing smiles to many.