Friday, July 10, 2009

Life Savers of the Week

A couple of blog friends had no idea what Mammoth Crocs looked like. Well, here they are!
Lovely, just lovely.
And may I just say that they look quite attractive (not!) with capri pants. I've had the taupe ones for several years and wear them as a combination house slipper or when I am fairly grungy in jeans. Though I will admit that I have worn them to school once or twice when it was freezing cold.

This week I purchased the lovely black ones. I survived several six hour shifts thanks to these crocs. I'm on my feet a lot as a teacher, but I also have a tall director's chair that I use. I can lean on my podium. At the bookstore, I am in constant motion and only rarely stand still. Six hours is a long time for 52 year old feet. Comfy shoes have been a necessity.

I think that we gave this to the Mr. a couple of years ago. I have put it to good use this week. I've soaked in hot water, cool water, and ice cold water. (Never let your husband, the ex coach, take care of your injuries the way he used to take care of his football players!) There is a vibrate/massage feature on this that is sheer heaven!

Good ol' Dr. Scholl's foot bath. And my feet are looking forward to my flip flops and a pedicure next week!

Downer of the week:

Road Construction. Every stinking road between here and the bookstore has road construction slowing things down. I kept trying different routes. It did no good. Every road must be in need of repair. The only good thing, it didn't force me to walk or stand on my already tired feet.


ols1 said...

OMG - they make them lined with fur??? We have them in Australia but they are just the synthetic version - no lining. I must confess I have never felt the urge myself to purchase them - although this year I did buy myself a pair of alpaca slippers which have kept my feet warm this winter xo

Alicia said...

I feel for you this week working so many hours!! And I'm with you on finding comfortable shoes! I love them to the point that I also have to buy extra pairs so I won't wear them out too fast (exactly what I did with the Toms I recently bought!! I now own 2 pairs!)

Hope you have a lovely weekend! OOoo and by the way, what good books have you been reading this summer (between all that work you are doing)??

Vodka Mom said...

your comment over at my place CRACKED ME UP!!

But hey- i tried to reply but couldn't. Go to your "edit profile' section, and hook up your email address to your "handle". This will allow folks to just reply back to your witty comments!!

just a little fyi.

2Thinks said...

Wish I could come take some of your hours at the bookstore. Are they hiring?

Gayle said...

Well, they're not quite as bad as I thought they'd be! Six hours on the move is a lot. That foot bath sounds wonderful!

Bren said...

I do believe these are the most comfortable shoes EVER! Love your blog... enjoy the weekend.