Saturday, July 11, 2009

Move # 1

It dawns on me that I haven't explained much about where our family lives. The Mr. and I live in tiny town. I teach here, too; however, the school isn't tiny. It is actually pretty good sized, as we have a huge bus fleet that brings in a lot of rural kids. Our school is above average size for this state. One town over (about 12 miles) is J town. Both of our daughters teach in the J school district. K teaches at their huge high school. L teaches at one of their elementary schools located on a military post. Their school is one of the largest in the state and very diverse. K & L live in U town which is about 12-15 miles beyond J town. (The bookstore I work in this summer is in U town.)

K has lived in a four bedroom duplex in U town for the past 5 years. She has loved living there, as that is where she went to college and there is a lot to do. L moved into an empty bedroom (they've had several roommates over the years) about 3 years ago. Finally, K and another HS teacher roommate decided it was time to live in the town where they teach. They want to attend evening events without it being a major hassle. So they let their lease run out and moved to J town this week. When they gave up the duplex, they gave up a garage and a lot of space. However their apartment is fairly new and has a workout room and swimming pool. They are about a mile from school now.

So here is K's new apartment. (Very typical apartment in this area of the Midwest.)

You walk into their kitchen, which will mean keeping it cleaner than they have been accustomed.

They have a "small" great room. (You might notice that the cable is already working. It was a priority for one of the guys who helped them move. He knows what is important!)

This is the view off of their living room deck: nothing but open fields. Since they are a 2nd floor apartment, they have a beautiful view. I think their fingers are crossed that no building goes on behind them for a good, long while.

K's room was almost together when we visited this morning.

K is the daughter who loves frames. Frames with pictures, frames without pictures-- it doesn't matter much to her.

In fact, her project of the summer was to locate a frame she could turn into a magnetic board. We actually found this frame that had been converted into a box. (For displaying something at craft shows??) It is about 3 inches deep and has a pink fabric lining. She went to a welding shop and had them cut a piece of sheet metal to fit the frame. Then she primed and painted it a pale green. Now she has a place to display photos, invitations, and other things she doesn't want to lose or forget.
Move #2 will happen sometime in the next week or so when L vacates the duplex. She is staying in U town, but moving to a house with another teacher from her school. And then it will be time to clean the duplex before turning over the keys. I'm sure L will be happy when her move is over, too. You can bet I'll take pictures of move #2. I think everyone involved will be glad when this hectic month of moving is over.
About six or seven years ago we gave K a poster for her birthday. It hangs on her living room wall. You can see it over at Quoth She today. I couldn't wish for more for K & L.


ols1 said...

They are million dollar views - and she looks very house proud - I wish them blessings on their new abode.

Gayle said...

Sounds like some busy times going on there! What a great apartment that is! I can't wait to see move #2!

2Thinks said...

I envy that you and your daughters all live in alphabet towns very near to each other. I'm happy for you that you have this precious pleasure. My oldest son is in the mountains of New York taking high school youth on outback treks, living in the woods and traveling by canoe from place to place. My middle child/son is making his way in California- he's the one who left on the Greyhound bus. He's doing well, but I can't see him and don't know when I will see him again- even. Someday, I hope we all live close to each other- again.

It is wonderful to have so many teachers in the family. My husband is from a long line of teachers. Though he is a computer geek.