Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Simple Pleasures

At the end of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town," before leaving life- Emily says goodbye to earth and the things she loved. None of the things she mentions are expensive. They are all simple, ordinary pleasures. After my sophomores read the play, I always make them write an "idea generator" creative writing. They create a list of the simple things they love that don't cost much money. It is the easiest writing assignment of the year. This is my summer list of simple pleasures:

*juicy watermelon slices
*line-dried sheets
*grilling outdoors with the Mr.
*tiki torches
*laying out by a pool
*staying up late reading
*flip flops
*lightning bugs
*eating a cherry tomato straight from the vine
*the smell after it rains
*fluffy white clouds
*home made ice cream
*running through the water sprinklers
*corn on the cob
*sitting under a shade tree
*the cool side of the pillow
*geraniums on the front porch


kendalee said...

Oh, your list just epitomises summer loveliness! I live in a city centre apartment at the moment and your outdoor space things (line-dried sheets, in particular) made me very nostalgic. Happy Wednesday, happy Summer!

ols1 said...

How gorgeous - thanks for this blog. It does remind you to enjoy the simple pleasures - corn on the cob with butter and salt - mmmm - you just cant beat it :)

FlowerLady said...

Those are wonderful simple pleasures. Simple pleasures do our hearts much good.

Enjoy your summer ~ FlowerLady

beth said...

staying up late to read....
it's what I've been doing all it !

Tracy said...

Pure summer sweetness and magic here...beautiful list! Thank you for sharing :o)

Liss said...

I haven't ran though a sprinkle for years. We are not allowed to use them due to heavy drought. My daughter is 9 and never seen a sprinkler in actions.

It is one simple pleasure I miss all to much and wish my children could experience but they waste so much water and it is a precious resource here.

Thanks for reminding me how wonderful they are.

elk said...

you have touched on many of my favorites it makes me smile to read your list...

my guitar playing is novice, I picked it up 5 years ago and play just a few chords...but LOVE it!!!

2Thinks said...

I know exactly what you mean and every single one on your list would be on mine- though I must cut the corn from the cob before I eat it and ice cream is generally too cold for me- dental work.

I love focusing on the simple pleasures of daily life- it's the only way to live!

Keep enjoying summer. I feel it passing by too quickly.

Gayle said...

This list is perfect! You mention so many simple things that I love about summer, too!

Christina said...

Did you say "the cool side of the pillow" ? I'm all over that! Bliss
Your list bursts with summer love!

stephanie said...

*the cool side of the pillow....sigh. That is great.

Your list is great!

Sarah said...

All lovely things and that writing assignment sounds great! The cool side of the pillow is one of my most favourite things!

Shell said...

A sweet list. Cheers to fluffy white clouds, flip flops and lightning bugs.

Puna said...

I don't have my list together but I liked reading yours!

Relyn said...

Hey, you. I didn't want to miss your simple pleasures list, even though I've been almost completely "off line" for three weeks. So, I came wandering back here to find you. Love your list! Happy, happy summer weekend.