Friday, August 21, 2009

Fabulous Friday

We had a gift from the Board of Education this week. See that yellow "hard hat" on my desk. It is actually a stress ball. They were pretty sure the construction noise, the equipment taking parking spots, and the blocked streets would cause us some stress. (To say nothing of the laptop biting it or the student losing his lunch.)
And yes, my hard hat got a little work this week.

I can tell I'm back at school. I'm fighting sleep at 7:00 every night, and I don't have much time or energy for anything but school.

A computer update: the computer tech turned on my computer and voila! No repairs needed. (Does he have magic hands?) I'm sure he thinks I'm nuts. However, someone else had the same thing happen maybe not. The main thing is that it is working now!

My sick boy missed the next day, but is back. He has to be the most well-mannered sick kid ever. After he lost it in the trash can, he pulled the trash bag over the top of it and tried to tie it up so no one else would see it or smell it. Bless his heart.

We have a new grade book program to figure out. So far, it has been a "click and see if anything changes" method of recording grades. There is a 159 page online user manual. Yeah, I'll get right on reading that. My guess is when everyone panics next week, we'll be having an after school help session. *Stress ball*Stress ball*

But the big news is that today we had a groundbreaking ceremony for the new schools. The media was on hand to watch the shovels go to work. Students released balloons. The band played and cheerleaders cheered. Dignitaries spoke. My happiest moment was after everyone went back to class. Construction crews were blocking the street because they were unloading cement forms. The ceremony was all PR, but I am so excited to see something other than dirt.
It has actually been a good week in tiny town and trailer school. See that little flower on the notepad in the first picture. A student brought it in "just for me." Before you get to thinking that is soooo sweet-- he took it from the geranium I have in the pot on my deck. My guess is that the bloom fell off in the wind, and he picked it up on the way into class. He's my Eddie Haskell this year. Every year there is one. (Sorry for the allusion for you young ones! You'll just have to watch "Leave It To Beaver.")
From stress balls and computer breakdowns to sick kids and contraband flowers--2009-2010 shows promise of being a very interesting year. And this is just week #1.


2Thinks said...

Sounds like you're off to a great start.

Gayle said...

Oh, boy, that poor stress ball! Can't wait to see what week 2 brings!

ols1 said...

I have only seen stress balls that are round - what a novel idea. I am exhausted after hearing about week 1 - so I can only imagine how you must feel. Have a great weekend :)