Monday, August 17, 2009

First Days of School

This guy is hanging out on my deck, welcoming the students back to school. We're still in the trailers this year. I haven't really changed the room much from last year. There isn't much storage, which I am really missing this year.

These desks will be full today. I hope it is a good day for them. I hope it is a good day for me.
At our house, one first day of school became legendary. K, our oldest, was excited for kindergarten and to finally be going to school. That poor backpack had been packed and unpacked a couple hundred times. She was pumped.
Since K went to afternoon kindergarten, she didn't get her afternoon nap. She always laid down to "read" in the afternoon, and usually fell fast asleep. But no more.
When I picked her up after her first day of school, she chattered all the way home and into the house. I heard about her teacher, the activities, her classmates. She was still telling me about her day while I was getting supper. Suddenly, in mid-sentence there was silence. I glanced into the family room to see her sitting on the couch, sucking her thumb, sound asleep in an upright position. Kindergarten was hard work, I guess.
At supper, she revived enough to tell Dad about her day. Imagine our surprise when our sweet little girl's big brown eyes got saucer round and she asked, "Do you know we have a bad finger?" Oh boy. First day of school and she learns about flipping people off. Someone evidently made the gesture to the teacher, so they had a quick lesson on inappropriate behavior. Just lovely.
We had barely recovered from that, when Dad asked K to help clear the table. She looked at him and said, "You know, Dad. You don't have to think you're so smart. My teacher is Mrs. S and she knows a lot more than you do!" K had obviously taken to school like a fish to water.
And this is when two public school teachers seriously considered homeschooling.
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Gayle said...

Oh, the poor kid, missing her afternoon nap! They really are so little when we send them off to kindergarten.

Your room looks great! Good luck to you and all of your students this year!

Thank you for joining Monday Memories!

ch said... sweet!
I love that age when their mouth censors are completely off. I believe one of my favorites was a student who pointed at my knee length leather boots and proudly announced, "Miss T! I KNOW what those are! Those are hooker boots!"
The things they forget to mention in methods courses...
Hope your school year is a super one!

kath said...

haha! A "bad" finger - margie's kids always called it your swear finger ... don't use your swear finger! The class room looks so peaceful, I think school starts after labour day here .... bt I don't have kids so I don't know these things.

Anne Marie said...

My kids have no respect for me, either. :)

I say that because it's funny that your daughter says her teacher knows more than her dad does.

My kids treat me like I'm just their mom. Which is fine, of course, but funny.

Thanks for visiting my site!

Relyn said...

Tomorrow is our first day of school. Last night was parent orientation. I was so excited this morning that I couldn't sleep. So. Here I am. Visiting friends.

elk said...

hope the week went well and that you rest and regroup this weekend!