Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Grade For A Day

K, her roommate E, and I all teach at the high school level. We're used to throwing up a few bulletin boards and decorations and calling it good. K hasn't even had a classroom for the past couple of years, so she hasn't had to worry about doing anything to get a room ready. She just has to organize her cart!

L on the other hand!! Elementary school teachers have a lot of things to do to prepare their room for their students. L always feels a little overwhelmed (more so this year since the custodians just finished her room!), so K, E, and I all joined Ms. L to help her with some of her room preparation. In fact, we spent four hours there earlier this week. (And she is by no means done! )

We got her Word Wall put up. (It is actually a chalkboard covered in paper.)
E put L's calendar corner and reading center together. Her white board is still under the sheet.
I was in charge of her classroom library. We both use her Starbooks bulletin board. K and I put them together last year. I knew the HS kids would like it, and Liz figured the 1st graders and their parents would, too. I made her that cute little cafe curtain last year. (Mine looks pretty plain by comparison!) This was one thing that was a repeat from last year. Setting up her library baskets is kind of a pain, so I was glad I didn't have to figure out a new bulletin board.

K spent a lot of time making L's Birthday area. She doesn't have a bulletin board here, so she "created" one with paper and border stuck to the wall. She also covered L's door with paper and border for her "Back To School" welcome.
The three HS teachers were all wiped out after our half day of work. Though we face different problems and challenges starting the year, I think we've all agreed that we'll stick with our high school classrooms. Being that creative is hard work!


elk said...

so soon? looks great

Gayle said...

This brought me back to the days when my kids were little and their classrooms were so cutely decorated! Sigh.

ch said...

Love the room! L certainly has a team of experts helping out! This is the first year I'm not preparing for a gaggle of 2nd graders and I'm going through withdrawal! This was such a treat. What lucky students she has!

Alicia said...

Is that a smart board in the corner there? Ooooo you have NO idea how much this makes me miss Kansas schools... and how lucky your daughter is to be in the school she is (Out of all of the schools I've been in, her's ranks at the top!)... I think I'll go distract myself so I forget the longing I have for a normal classroom! Hope school preparations for all of you are coming along :) When do you go back?? Our first day is the 9th of Sept!!

2Thinks said...

At first I read this, "K, her roommate E and I all teach at the high school level. We're used to throwing up." and I thought wow, teaching at the high school level must be nerve wracking. But then I motored my eyeballs backward and got the rest of the sentence.

The elementary classroom looks grrreat, I love the Starbooks Cafe. I might even steal that idea for the bookstore, where I soon will not work- anymore, but I will enjoy my daughter's senior year with her! Yeah!

I think maybe we should submit our Riff Raff reunion idea to somewhere, as you suggested, an idea book is a good idea.


ols1 said...

I never realised the amount of work that goes into the preparation every year. Things just appear and the year begins - great job - looks fabulous :)