Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 2nd Day Back

Yesterday was the 2nd day of this school year and the first full day. I got to school, turned on my school laptop, and I got nothing. Nada. Black screen. Yikes!!

The principal took the useless computer. The computer guys are coming in today. We're both hoping it is just the battery and not a hard drive crash! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed on this one.

In the meantime, I am using a student laptop from our traveling lab. I can't connect to any technology (my laptop is a pc, these are macbooks and I don't have an adapter) or get to my school email account. *sigh* Wonderful. Are you catching the sarcasm here?

Did I mention I had a boy throw up in my trash can? Poor kid. He didn't feel well and wanted the bathroom, but it was already in use. At least he got to the trash can. This was only the second time, in all the years I've taught, that a student has thrown up in my room. Kind of symbolic of my day, eh?

I may throw up if I am without my school computer for a couple of weeks or months.

And what will Day 3 bring? Stay tuned.


2Thinks said...

Wow, all that on day 2. Not good. I am looking forward to 180 days in the trailer school with Mrs. E, though. I do hope today will bring a fixed computer problem and a healthier kid.

I was just telling I.T., last night, about you and the Mr. and your 5am walks and how we need some of that discipline around here. We're warming up to it, I don't think I.T. thinks I can do it. I've never been a morning person. But I want to be. The key is getting to bed by, what? 9:30??

Have an excellent school day, Teach!

CMwhyK said...


Mrs. E said...

CM--That is only true if you have an adaptor to adapt the mac to the technology--LC Projector, Document projector, etc. And I'll still take the PC. I'm attached to my left & right click buttons and my backspace and delete keys which do two separate things. We have a lot of programs at the HS that won't run on Macs.

joyce said...

Oh my....but you did make me laugh with the throw up kid. You did mention you teach sophomores right.....that's like grade 10 I think...not grade 2 right?
Sorry, I'm being sarcastic......good luck with day three, and thank-you so much for your post on my site.

puna said...

At least you get the bad stuff out of the way right away! It gets better from here!

Gayle said...

Oh, no! I hope the third day is better.

That poor kid. I hope he is feeling better. All of my kids have come home telling stories of kids throwing up in class, but once my youngest came home and told us that his 5th grade teacher threw up in the classroom trash bin. That poor teacher!

ols1 said...

Wow what a day. Poor boy - I hope he is feeling better - how embarrassing for him.

Vodka Mom said...

We start NEXT WEEK!!!!!

now I'm scared.