Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A New Schedule

My life takes on a whole new schedule when school is back in session. The alarm goes off at 5:00, so the Mr. and I can go for a 30 minute walk/run. (This morning there was lightning in the distance, but we didn't get wet.)

During the cooling off, we make coffee and breakfast while watching the morning news. (Sometimes, we can't stomach another news report, and I get an old Western--not necessarily by choice.) I catch up on computer and then I'm off to the shower.

I usually can dress, do makeup, and dry my hair in about 30 minutes. I'm out the door by 7:15 or so.

And then my life belongs to 80+ sophomores. First hour begins at 8:18. And I have to work to schedule bathroom breaks or even find time to collect my thoughts until the last body leaves at 3:30.

With any luck, I am headed home by 4:00. Sometimes the grading comes home with me. (It is hard to avoid.) But if I am organized, all the work is done for the next day's lesson.

It will take a couple of weeks to adjust to this schedule.

Our kids got rained on pretty hard yesterday on their first day back at trailer school. The ponchos and rain boots were already making an appearance.

I look forward to some beautiful weather so I can step out on the deck between periods and see some of last year's students. Although, four or five of last year's boys tried to sneak into my 7th hour class and take a seat. I assured them that there was a reason that I passed them last year-- I didn't want them back. (Actually, I'd probably take another year of the ornery things.)

So, what do I think of the class of 2012? We're off to a good start.


Relyn said...

Yeah! I trust I'll be able to say the same tomorrow. About the good start, I mean.

elk said...

my schedule will change as well...my five year olds are gone off to Kindergarten...but I feel the same way, I would take some back

2Thinks said...

Awesome! It's a blessing to love what you do, and I can see that you do. What discipline you have. I'm gonna get some of that. Up at 5am for a walk, whew! I do believe I.T. and I need to do that, also. I'll work on getting there from here and let you know how it goes.

You truly are an inspiration to me with that attitude of yours- positive!


Alicia said...

Rainy days for the start of the school year... I am trying to remember any rainy days I ever had for the first days of school and I cannot. Love, Love, Love a new school year! Looking forward to my new start in a few weeks!

Good luck getting into the new schedule! So crazy... It felt like just last week you were making a list of the things you'd be doing or wanting to do for the summer!

joyce said...

Hi there, I followed you over from "ols". I have to say I am intriuged......where do you live that school starts so early?? Here it starts Sept. 8 this year, which is late even for us.

Dandy said...

You get up early to go for a walk in the morning together?! That is just the sweetest thing ever.

And just the thought of 80 sophmores makes me exhausted.

Gayle said...

I had a feeling your were a teacher that students would come back to visit! Enjoy your new group of students! 5am? Yipes. You are so good getting a walk/run in before your day begins.

ols1 said...

It is good to enjoy your job and your life - you sound like you enjoy both and I am sure you deserve all the good things that come your way :)