Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pardon the Practice

I have been playing with the editing feature on Picasa. I have figured out how to do a few things, but others are turning my hair gray! For example, I can only figure out how to save the pictures in Picasa, not in my windows photo viewer. When I import them to my blog the normal way, they come through without the changes. If I export them from Picasa straight to my blog, I get the changes, but all the typing is centered. I'm sure there is a way to do what I want, but for the life of me I haven't figured it out yet. In the meantime, here is some photo editing.
K and the latest. I used the saturation feature to make the colors more vivid, and retouched CT's shirt so the writing can't be read. (And now the type is normal again!! argh! I have no control over it!)
The colleague's sweet baby girl. I softened the focus to blur the edges.
You can see the photo straight from the camera here.
(And we're back to centering all type again!! Yep!
The hair is going gray as I type this!)
Except for the gray hair, this is more fun than grading papers!


2Thinks said...

"Except for the gray ones.." Ha! There are so many computer things I'd love to be able to do. But I could spend all day on the computer trying to learn new stuff. It's better than taking glue off a wall, too. :)

Good job on those photo edits, is that a new header, again? Can't remember, how do you do that? I tried to put a picture up there once, but it was too big for the space.

Thanks for the comment today, it made me laugh. So, we're even.

Alicia said...

A few ways I get my photos to save when I use Picassa (don't really use it as much anymore, so I went in and actually tried them to make sure I knew what I was talking about :) I make the changes and I go File > Save or File > Save As. Or... You can export it into another folder (instead of to the blog...) and it should save the edited version without a problem. Hope that's helpful.

Gayle said...

mrs. e, I use Picasa. How are you saving in Picaca? When you save, do you click the "Save to Disk" button that is to the right of the folder name? When you click that a message box should come up that says, "Save changes to disk? A backup of this file will be made." If you select "OK" your files should be changed to include the editing even when you view them in the Windows photo viewer and there should be 2 folders created by Picasa inside of the folder with your photos. One is .picasaoriginals and the other is .picasa.ini Yipes, that sounds confusing to me and I typed it! I don't know about the centering. I upload my photos from the Windows folder and I don't use Blogger. If you want to email me, my email is gayle at planetmfiles dot com Oh, I think you did a great job, and have fun with it!

ols1 said...

Your girl is beautiful. I love what you did with the baby photo - it looks professional - I am sure your colleague will love the photo. A beautiful new little soul to brighten our world.

elk said...

techie stuff boggles my mind...i never figured ou picasa si I use flickr ...your practice shots look really cool!

Mrs. E said...

Alicia and Gayle--THANK YOU!! You are geniuses!!

Puna said...

Mrs. E,
It's wonderful that you are editing your photos. I don't have Picasa and I'm not on blogger so I'm of no help at all. I do want to say that these look great!