Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reporting for Duty

I can't wait to see my faculty friends today. (Some I haven't seen all summer!) Oh, wait a second, maybe I can wait. I screwed up the laminator yesterday. They are not going to be happy with me. Bad time of year to melt the laminator paper onto the machine. And they are going to know it is me. One sign was for my window and says "Mrs. E." Yikes! I'm keeping a low profile!

Right now, one-third of the sophomore class is in my 7th hour English class. I think that might have to get rectified. Otherwise, someone is going to have a desk in the bathroom! (I'm kidding! I think.)

I also teach a new elective as of last year--Teaching As A Career. It is fun to share my enthusiasm for my job. I also like having Juniors and Seniors. Most of them have grown up a lot since I had them as sophomores.

But today is all about meetings and schedules and planning how to live amid all the construction of our new school. We will leave the meetings with our arms full of important papers.

I guess I got the most important paper today in my mailbox. My health insurance (if I stay with the same plan) went up $130 a month. Did I mention that my raise was quite a bit less than $100 a month? Yeah, this is going to be fun.

The best news is that my trailer lost that "chemical"new smell over the summer! It actually smells pretty good. I used a lot of plug-ins, the candle warmer, and air freshener last year. I won't have to go quite so overboard this year. Progress!

It is the same every year. I can't wait to get out of school in May, but by the first of August I am always ready to return. It will take awhile to hit the groove. (I don't think I ever felt completely in stride last year.)

So... today is the start of my 28th year in our school system and my 2nd year of trailer school. Let the fun begin! (And let my colleagues be kind about my laminator mess!)


Alicia said...

O no! What a bummer about the laminator! Hope they fix it quick :) Wow! That's a large increase for health insurance... Anyway, have fun getting back in the groove!

Happy 28th year!!

MSW Mom Jan said...

I have never commented before but I really enjoy reading your blog. I am a Jr. High Counselor and I return next week. I know what you mean about wanting to finish but being ready to start back. I also know what you mean about laminator backlash! That would come from our librarian, lol. I hope you have a great year. Glad the chemical smell has left the building.;)

Gayle said...

I hope you are having a great first day back, and that nobody gave you a hard time about the laminating machine!

Relyn said...

The best thing about teaching are my teacher friends.

No, it's the kids.

No, it's being in charge.

No, it's those moments when I am teaching well and they are really learning.

No, it's...