Monday, August 31, 2009


A couple of years ago, our family made a trip to Chicago. K's friend and our former students were having a wedding reception. We took a few days and enjoyed the Windy City. One afternoon we decided to have drinks at the John Hancock Tower. The cost to go to the observation deck was more expensive than a drink on the floor below. And the views from the floor below were incredible! Thank goodness I had to use the restroom while we were there. Otherwise I would have missed this view:
The women's restroom had one wall that was floor to ceiling windows. I had to take this picture of the view from those windows. The best view in the place was from the restroom--and the men never got to see it.
Actually, all the views were pretty spectacular.
I've been thinking about that view from the women's restroom lately. Sometimes, when we least expect it, we find the most incredible people, things, experiences, or views. I need to remember that.

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Gayle said...

This is incredible! I wonder if there was a view from the men's room.

I need to remember that, too. Thanks for reminding me!

Mrs. E said...

Nope. The men's room was boring, according to the Mr.

puna said...

Wow, that's incredible. What a feeling it must be to be able to do something so private but able to look out to the world and know that they can't see you back!