Friday, August 28, 2009

Week in Review

Favorite moments of this week:

  1. We spent part of Sunday at the farm. Dad is in full sunflower season there. It was the wrong time of day to take great photos, but that just means I need to take an early morning or early evening trip to catch the right light.
  2. Critter stories: mice (6 caught in one classroom), an opossum on an enclosed porch (same colleague--now known as the animal whisperer), and our bats. The best thing--I didn't hear bats last night. Maybe they have finally flown the coop. Or in our case, the attic! argh!
  3. My sophomores did great on their first test. A whopping 90% scored an A. The other 10% had to re-test until they got to 80%. So that covers Old English; now we're on to Middle English and that French influence.
  4. The walking/running continue on the dark streets of tiny town. In fact, the plan is to take a longer run/hike at the river trail near here this weekend. (In daylight!)
  5. A colleague who just adopted a baby is going to be joining us at lunch today with her new little girl. I can't wait to meet her daughter, but I've missed my teacher friend, too. I should mention that this colleague is also a former student. Yeah, my former students are now my colleagues. *sigh* O-L-D!!

Big plans for the weekend? A little snoozing, a shift at the bookstore, a birthday party, and that river trail. (Don't kid yourself. There is a lot of laundry and housework in there that I am trying to forget!)

Happy Friday!!


2Thinks said...

Kudos for your achievement of bringing the students into that high range of understanding. Only an excellent teacher can do that!

As for bats, I was thinking yesterday, as I went out into the garage to get some chicken from the freezer, that "scritch" is a perfect word for the sound that bats in the attic make and I will be using it to refer to that sound from now on whenever I need to do that. I believe Shakespeare made up words all the time and the spellings even changed occasionally and we're still studying him.

Oh, doorbell ringing, niece is here- gotta run! Have a great weekend. Rest!

puna said...

It sounds like a wonderful week overall. Much better than mine! I hope this comment "takes."

elk said...

what great scores my friend sound like you are training for a marathon ....happy sunflower day!

Gayle said...

That sounds like a great week! I like the animal whisperer nickname for your colleague. :-)

ols1 said...

Gorgeous sunflower - your week sounds like it was a successful one.

FlowerLady said...

Mrs. E ~ Your week sounds like it was full of accomplishments. Hope the bats are gone for good. Have a great weekend.


Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful sunflower and the baby (other site) is adorable. Babies are so photogenic.

Relyn said...

Sounds like you had a good week. I'm so glad.