Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wow! Wednesday So Soon

This week is flying by. The only excitement on the school front is that the construction guys cut the Fiber Optic line. Yikes! My side of our trailer school wasn't affected, but half of the modulars don't have Internet or phones. I'm not sure how long it will take for that repair job.

I'm giving my first quiz/test in English II today. I think it always says as much about my teaching as it does about them as students. I'm a little nervous this year. I'll know where we stand after today.

So far, this has been my week:

  • Trying to figure out the new grade book online
  • Hauled L an air purifier for her bedroom (one less thing in storage)
  • Heard stories of mice in the trailer classrooms (One lady has killed 6! UGH!)
  • Still walking/running at 5:00 every morning (running more than walking now!)
  • Power napping (Still adjusting to getting up at 5)
  • Teaching the History of the English Language (Now don't you wish you were in my class?!!)

Tomorrow you get to read about the bats. Warning: It isn't going to be pleasant.


2Thinks said...

I do wish I was in your class, I do, I do!!

Gayle said...

I'm glad your side of the modulars wasn't affected. Wow, first test. That sounds so weird since our schools haven't started up yet.