Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And it is over

Labor Day Weekend is over. At our house we are always glad about that. For some reason, this three day weekend is incredibly tiring. Tiny Town has a huge celebration. (Well, huge as tiny towns go.) All the alumni are back for reunions. It is the opening of football season. There is usually just too much going on.

These very strange fireworks pictures were taken after the U. game on Saturday night. As if tailgating and the game weren't enough, they had a big fireworks show after the game, too.
Tailgating usually means running into former students and hunting down a former colleague who is the Tailgate King.
They won the game. I loved the atmosphere and the half-time show.

Sunday, we camped and enjoyed the cool weather. (I had a sweater on at 3:00 in the afternoon.) I almost melted my flip flops at the fire ring. I was trying to snuggle up to that fire Sunday night. I don't know if we've ever had nicer camping.
We came home to a house of incredibly tired 10 year graduates who had celebrated into the wee hours. A couple of brave souls only had about 5 hours sleep before they got up to go hunting out at the farm. The bulk of them left to catch their plane at about noon, and I think I slept most of the afternoon.
I guess I can take pleasure in the fact that most of the nation is back at school now. In a weird twist, they are greeting students back to school, whereas we are getting ready for mid-term reports!
It is a good thing Labor Day comes but once a year. Otherwise, this whole town might have to take the day off from work to recuperate!


elk said...

i agree and we do not have a celebration with cool fireworks...LOVE the photos friend!

Puna said...

This sounds like one heck of a party! I LOVE the fireworks photos!

Puna said...

By the way, I find that I can leave a comment here if I come here in IE and not in firefox. I then have to click twice since the first attempt never goes through. Then I have to type in the little security code. It's worth it though:)

Mrs. E said...

Puna, I wonder if anyone else has trouble in firefox. (Maybe my blog knows I am a fan of Internet Explorer and use Firefox only if I have to!!) I'm glad you stop by anyway!!

margie said...

mrs. e, you are happy tired. and that is a good thing. thank goodness flip flops are not a high ticket item!

2Thinks said...

Interesting fireworks pics, it's like they are in slow mo and magnified 400x under a microscope or something. I think you celebrate Labor Day bigger than anyone else I know. Glad it was a fun time for you all. And we don't really even say y'all up here in Michigan. :P

Christina said...

oh, these fireworks are groovy! sounds like quite the weekend, my friend.

Dandy said...

I love those pictures! The effects are awesome :)

ols1 said...

Great firework photos - I have never had any luck capturing those sort of shots.