Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can I? I Can!!

When I was a kid, my mom canned garden vegetables. She used a pressure cooker, and so quarts of green beans and tomatoes would be stored in the cellar every summer. Me? Well, I'm a chicken. I've heard stories of pressure cookers gone wrong: lids blowing off, exploding glass, and tomato stained walls. Mom had all the confidence in the world using hers. With my luck, I'd blow up the kitchen.

Then, the tomatoes got out of control, and my dad sent us a bunch of jalapenos. I guess it was time to try a "gentle" method of canning some salsa. My aunt and Cousin J sent me a salsa recipe you cook, pour into jars, and wait for the sterilized jars to seal themselves. (Something about heat and lovely little pops.) Of course, I am not one to follow recipes. I love cilantro; the taste and the smell. Their recipe didn't call for it, so I put my own little spin on the recipe that they sent. If it turns out to be a disaster, it won't be their fault!

So we set up a little salsa canning mess at our house. The jars and lids were sterilized and just waiting for something exciting to happen.
After lots of chopping and coughing (what is it with those jalapenos?), the salsa began the 45 minute boiling process. I'm lucky the Mr. doesn't mind chopping. (I think he likes wielding knives, which actually is a bit frightening!)
I had quite a few jalapeno left. (Even after pawning a few on K and CT.) I decided that the salsa wasn't quite messy enough to try, so I hit the Internet for a jalapeno jelly recipe. While the salsa boiled, I made mess number two: sugary green goo. (And yes, there was more coughing and choking!)
I'll spare you the pictures of the jelly boiling over on my stove. Lovely! *sigh* (The clean up involved removing the burner and drip pan.)
I had some cute little jelly jars. I bought them for storing small amounts of leftovers. (They were cuter than the regular storage containers!)
So here is my first go at jalapeno jelly. The salsa and jelly jars are popping as I type this. I don't know what either will taste like, but I'll let you know the verdict. OK, so it isn't a pressure cooker, but I'm pretty sure my mom would be so proud.


ols1 said...

How very Martha Stewart of you. I am impressed - I do not have the patience for condiment making - but I envy those who do. I am very impressed.

2Thinks said...

Hey now, this impresses me. It really does. Those jars are adorable. I'd love to taste that Jalepeno jelly. Someone else in blogland showed pics of making that. I never heard of it until then. Fun that the chopppin'- he's one of the good guys for shizzle. (my sister says that- it means "for sure")

Congrats on getting this "project" popping. Happy eats!

As for Fash, it is my belief that Fash exaggerates her dislike for reading. However, she has struggled ever so much with dyslexic tendencies all along. She's a great student. Slow reader. But does read. She sure whipped through Atonement. 'Elle' and 'Style' magazines give her no trouble at all.

Gayle said...

Good for you! I'm not brave enough to try canning. I can't wait to hear how they come out!

joyce said...

I used to can some the "popping" fashion. Back when I was a new housewife & wanted to do everything the "right" way. Now I just find it easier to buy it!
Good luck with it.

Relyn said...

Yum!! Oh, yum!