Saturday, September 19, 2009


My last post had a picture of my two daughters together. Someone told me how great I look. (Bless your heart!) To avoid confusion...this is me with them: K and I on the left, and L and I on the right above.

I think most people can tell they are mine, even though L looks a little more like the Mr.'s family. (Except for those dimples--those are mine! Well, at least one of them is!)

L and I are probably more similar in personality. We don't like to be uncomfortable, hungry, hot or tired. We're both more sensitive and emotional. We also don't hide our feelings very well, and when we're irritated-- you'll know it! K and the Mr. simmer longer. However, when those two blow....!!!

K and and I are more similar in looks, speech, and mannerisms. She frequently gets confused for me. It has happened since she was in HS. (Once, even in her cheer outfit. Poor thing!) This morning I stopped for coffee and the girl working said I looked so familiar. I didn't recognize her, so I asked if she went to J high school. Without answering the question she said, "Ms. E!!!" (Close. Mrs. E)

I think I would have to claim these two even if I didn't want to. Fortunately, I'm quite glad they are mine!


2Thinks said...

you look more like one of the daughters than the mother of the daughters, you youngster- love the pics

elk said...

smiling and together are lucky and I can see the love!

Puna said...

You really could be their sister:)

Puna said...

You really could be their sister!

Puna said...

lawdy takes forever to leave a comment here. It's a good thing I love you.

Gayle said...

You three really look like sisters!