Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Letter to Blog Readers

Dear Blog World,

Is anyone besides blog friend Puna having trouble leaving comments on Easy Street? She is the only one that mentions it, but maybe the rest of you are too shy to speak up! (Yeah, right!) And if anyone has an idea of how I can help her, that would be great, too! (It is a good thing she is persistent... or kind!)

Do you find your work interfering with your blog writing/reading? Darn it! Why can't we make a living doing this?

Ever find yourself ignoring your spouse while you are trying to finish a thought? (The poor Mr.) Or do you ever forget to eat because you are too busy reading blogs? I'm thinking this could be a new diet plan!

These are the very weighty things on my mind this Sunday evening. (Scary isn't it?)

Thoughtfully yours...


Gayle said...

I have never had a problem leaving a comment here, at least that I can remember! A couple of other bloggers that have blogspot blogs have mentioned people having trouble leaving comments a while ago.

My answer to all your other questions is YES!

Puna said...

I'm sorry to complain but this is what I do when I leave a comment here. I normally use Firefox but when I come here, I open up Explorer. Then I type my comment, fill in my info and and hit post. Then an error comes up that says, "Your request could not be processed. Please try again." Then I click post again and it gives me a security thingy. I type in the security thingy and hit post again and it goes through, I think. And yes, sometimes the family has to wait while I finish a thought:) Okay, hitting post now...

Jamie said...

Mrs. E, I read your blog via my RSS feed, not from your actual Web site - so leaving comments requires opening the blog in another tab and well, I guess I'm often too lazy for that! I love reading your posts, however, even if I am one of those "Lurky Lous." I especially appreciate the updates about the tornado recovery efforts. Keep 'em coming!

2Thinks said...

Sometimes on my first try of leaving a comment here, I get the "Your request could not be processed. Please try again.", so I simply hit Post a Comment a second time right then and there and it always posts on the second try. I can say that doesn't happen to me elsewhere. The only other place I cannot post is at Mocha with Linda's blog.

Yes, my job, my family obligations, paying attention to I.T.- all eat into my blog time :) We all know it is really the other way around, get it the way I said it.

I have to try to write and read blogs as a reward after I do some work around the house or grocery shopping etc. I try to blog when I.T. is busy doing something else and won't notice or when he is gone. Otherwise, it seems to him that all I ever do is blog stuff and he's surprised how much I enjoy it. He doesn't get it and feels he is missing out on something- I think. But he wouldn't like blogging. He doesn't even read e-mail and writing isn't his thing at all.

*sigh* how do you explain blogging joy to a non-blogger?

Shalet said...

Well let's see - can I leave comment? I hope so. Lately I've found my blog reading has decreased significantly. This is mainly due to the start of school and my attempt at finding a routine/schedule. I suspect I'll fall into a schedule around, oh I don't know, May or June then school will be out and we'll start all over again.

And of course my family gets ignored while I am blogging. :o)