Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Perfect Weekend

We had the best weekend. It was one of those weekends that stays with you as the week starts. I worked a shift at the bookstore on Friday night, so I slept in a bit on Saturday.

When I finally got rolling on Saturday, I did the laundry and updated my Ipod. I found some new "happy music" to add to my Ipod shuffle and made several new playlists for my Nano.

In the evening we attended a 60th Birthday party for Big D. Good food, nice weather, and old friends made for a pleasant evening. D doesn't really seem 60. Someone brought him this walker, so he had to put it to use. The walker isn't needed, but those reading glasses hanging from his shirt are!
Yeah, this is about the only way I can see D using a walker. This will be him at 90, probably racing in the halls of some nursing home.
We hiked/ran part of the river trail on Sunday. The weather has been amazing here. Overnight lows are in the low 50's, warming up to the low 70's during the day. This is my kind of weather! I needed a long sleeved shirt when we were on the trail, but in short sleeves I just had to run faster. My new music made running more enjoyable. (Kind of!)
We checked out the HyVee in U town. What a great store! We'd never been in one before. Spent about $30 less on groceries than we usually do. Their fresh produce was worth the trip.
When we got home, the Mr. and I spent a couple of hours in our basement. L's kitchen things have been in boxes in a spare bedroom ever since she moved. We finally got the boxes on shelves in the storage room. And our storage room now looks like a Target! But at least we can move around in our basement.
K and CT stopped by in the afternoon with CT's black lab. She is a just a puppy, but he is working on getting her ready for hunting season. Way too much energy for me! We sat outside for a couple of hours just enjoying the weather and the company. (Though CT did clean a couple of the Mr.'s guns. What a guy!)
I spent Sunday evening getting caught up on grading. I got the new gradebook program updated, too-- and it all works. Wonder of wonders!
Finally, the Mr. took a couch and two chairs to the Disabled American Veterans. We are slowly weeding out all the excess we have acquired through the years. (Well, except for L's excess which we are now storing! *sigh*)
Nothing terribly exciting happened this weekend, just a lot of small things that made me really happy. There is just something about checking things off the "To Do" list. And it never hurts to spend a lot of time outside in this gorgeous weather!
Coming off a great weekend is always a good way to start a week: rested, contented, and ready to take on the world. Well, at least ready to take on 80+ sophomores!


margie said...

this weekend sounds like it was just about being. how nice.

Christina said...

this sounds wonderful! love the beer in the hand! oh yes, I do.

Dandy said...

You've got to love a man who uses a walker and carries a beer at the same time!

joyce said...

Wow...what a busy weekend!! But a good kind of busy, like you say, which leaves you rested as the new week begins.

ch said...

Very, VERY funny photographs...what a hoot.

puna said...

Sounds perfect to me. Do you really teach dogs to hunt there? Sorry for my ignorance.

ols1 said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Good weather, good friends - sounds perfect.