Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Big Hunt

I'm going to give you a bit of needed background information. Here is a profile of K:

Occupation: Communications teacher working on Administrative Degree
Favorite color: Pink
Childhood Nicknames: Bette Davis or Ms. Priss
Activities of her youth: Singing, Dancing, Drama, Cheerleader
Her idea of vacation: Chicago, South Beach, San Diego, The Mall of America
Her idea of decorating: clean, modern
Pastimes: Chick flicks, shopping, plays, concerts, college football and basketball

So she brings home CT. I'm guessing at some of his profile here:

Occupation: Wildlife Biologist
Favorite color: camouflage (?)
Childhood Nicknames: Butch (I have no idea)
Activities of his youth: Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Unlimited, Quail Unlimited (no idea!)
His idea of vacation: salmon fishing in Alaska, duck hunting in Canada, ice fishing in Minnesota
His idea of decorating: mounted deer heads, duck decoys, and stuffed bobcats
Pastimes: hunting, fishing, hunting, and hunting

Yes, they are an unlikely duo. They started dating in early summer and have been nearly inseparable. He has already taken her dove hunting. (She hit 3 and had never held a gun until she met him.) And he has her eating elk, deer, and dove. He cooks. For many years she couldn't make Ramen Noodles without burning them. She has ordered his ticket to see "Straight No Chaser" and has already drug him to her Alma Mater's football games. (He cheers for the rival University.)

Last weekend he took her deer hunting. It is muzzle loader season. She didn't really want to go. It was too early. He walked too fast. They sat in a deer blind at dawn. He loaded the gun. She took one shot and hit a doe. A big doe. A doe with one antler that she called a Drag Queen Doe. (!) Then she told me she liked the shooting, but not the gutting. Some things don't change, even if the guy is cute.
She is still our K. When she sends pictures of her quarry, I'll post!


Puna said...

Mrs. E, she looks so much like you. I can't tell you two apart. And he sounds like a real "catch". Oh by the way, since you are an English teacher can you let me know if you see a typo or grammer correction on my posts? The husband used to do it but he says that there's too many for him to keep up with:)

Gayle said...

K and CT sound like a good match! I like that they are both willing to try what the other likes to do. And, it sounds like K is a good shot!

SEB said...

It is hard to imagine K going hunting! Oh what boys will do to us. :) They look happy! From what you've posted I'm guessing he's kinda a hit will all of you.

joyce said...

opposites quite often do make a good match..as they seem to have here.

2Thinks said...

She shot the deer?!? Ugh. I like to watch the deer. She's a beautiful dear and her dear looks like a keeper. Opposites attract, you know. Take it from me, it is very true.

ch said...

Ah...the things we do for cutie boys...mine usually involves sweet talking security for the custody of my husband at Kenny Chesney concerts...at least she'll get venison jerky out of the arrangement...