Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween is Coming

Results of the Blogaversary contests will be announced on Halloween. Cross your fingers. Prizes will be announced, too.

Only two more days of school this week: today and tomorrow. Friday is a vacation day for all the extra time we put in on Parent Teacher Conferences. I'm hoping that life gets back to normal. Well, as normal as life gets around here!


Gayle said...


It looks like you're having rainy weather there. Us, too. We're getting a little too soggy!

joyce said...

It seems the kids rarely have a full week of school these days. Sigh for the old days. But enjoy your day off, you sound like one of the ones who earned it!

Katie in MA said...

It is raining here in TX, too. I'm glad the drought is slowly easing, but it better be nice for Trick or Treating!!

2Thinks said...

I can save my fingers and keep the blood flowing, as I got carried away- as you already know- and am not in the running. BUT I still had fun writing and that is the point.

I used to love those short weeks when the kids were in public school. As it is now, though, Fash does school whenever she can fit it in between all her activities, which often includes doing it on Sunday afternoon, Sat. night, at midnight- whatever works. And as for her mother, that sometimes means helping out with some of it- at those odd hours.
*sigh* We're almost done with the whole adventure. Another college visit coming up soon- Ohio this time!

ols1 said...

I hope you enjoy your festival.