Friday, October 2, 2009

Honest Scrap

Dandy over at Spontaneous Clapping gave me the Honest Scrap award. I am to post 10 completely honest things about myself. No lies. Here goes:

- I am very emotional. I frequently cry (and I mean cry!) when I read books. Little Women still gets me every time. I also bawl during movies. Once, I had to use a cotton glove for a Kleenex because I couldn’t find a tissue, and I had to blow my nose in it. (Gross. That one definitely got washed!)

- I talk and walk in my sleep. It is a holdover from childhood. I am totally out of it, and when the Mr. tries to make sense of it, get me to go back to bed, or shut me up, I get angry. Poor guy.

- I can get angry really quickly. It isn’t a good thing.

- I don’t hold grudges. And that is a good thing.

- I am annoying when I chew gum. L hates it! If she ever gets mouthy, I can just threaten to put a piece of gum in my mouth!

- I want to let my hair go gray. I think. (Teaching is a hard profession to grow old in!)

- I am an English teacher, and I end sentences in prepositions sometimes. I hate the stilted voice you have to use to avoid them. (Teaching is a hard profession in which to grow old. argh!!) I also use fragments here and there. (I won’t let my students use them. "Do as I say, not as I do.")

- I would like to sell our house and downsize. Tomorrow if I could.

- I think a lot about early retirement and a second career.

- I am fairly spoiled. (Not with material things, just with how I am treated.) You can ask the Mr.! I like it that way, but I shouldn't take advantage.
-More information I am sure you didn't need. I think if you take the "S" off of "Scrap," you might have it. (My mom wouldn't let me say that word!)
Now I am sharing this award with some of my favorite blogger friends. (No pressure to participate!) These blogs and bloggers make my day:
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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You make my day quite often yourself. Have a great weekend!

2Thinks said...

You always make my day! I have a few 'must read dailies' and yours in one of 'em. I guess you probably already knew that, though.

I'll give this assignment a whirl. I am currently working on another challenge given to me by a different blogger- 5 hard words that I must expound upon. Maybe I'll do yours first, it looks like it would be less academic. Those words he gave me are toughies.

I love it that you teach English, yet end sentences with a preposition sometimes and that you allow a fragment here and there. I do the same. I used to feel guilty about it, but I decided it was just a part of my writing style and everyone is entitled to that. Now that I know you do it even though you are an English teacher, I feel even less guilty about it!

What a great day to be alive!
Much love and joy to you-

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Regarding the prepositions: don't feel guilty! You have to teach your students to master the rules before they can learn how to break them with style. My mentor taught me that!

Gayle said...

mrs. e, you make my day, too! Wow, sleep walking sounds kind of scary, and kind of funny! Poor mr. e!

Christina said...

heee... i am spoiled too! i love it!

Puna said...

Little Women is my all time favorite book. Ever.

Dandy said...

A sleep walker and talker.. how interesting!

I was just thinking about your use of proper grammar. Please squint when you read my blog. Maybe you won't notice all the errors if you are squinting?!

I bawl during movies too! Going to a movie together would be a crack up.