Thursday, October 15, 2009

Signature Color

My girls taught their younger cousins to say the line from "Steel Magnolias" with a perfect southern accent: "Pink is my signature color." And we had quite a few little girls in the family who loved pink. In fact, some of those little girls are now big girls who still love pink!

Every Thursday during the month of October, Christina over at Soul Aperature asked bloggers to post something pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For those little girls in our family and for big girls everywhere, I am hoping that they find a cure for breast cancer soon.

I am also posting something pink for an adorable little girl. LC and her mom are making people aware that October is also Down Syndrome Awarness Month. If you head over to Little LC Boom Boom, you will find your day a little brighter. I promise!

Now this is a strange picture of pink. It happens to be our school lunch menu for the month of October. Pretty appropriate color choice, wouldn't you say? I'd like to say it was planned, but I have a hunch that a student aide got into the paper cabinet and found this pink paper too hard to resist. I'm chalking this up to a happy coincidence!
Speaking of students, trailer school has definitely changed the way I handle discipline. In the past I would move students to the hall for minor misbehaviors. During a test review this week, a student kept blurting out the answers and not giving anyone else a chance to answer. After several warnings, I finally said "That's it. Out on the deck." Sometimes the deck would be a treat. But in our chilly (OK, cold) temperatures, the student was quite glad to come back in after a few minutes.
It gets better. The exact same thing happened the next hour, but by now it was raining. So instead of sending the kid to the deck, I sent the offending student into my bathroom. (Each trailer classroom has its own bathroom.) He looked stunned, but went willingly. Did that stop him from blurting out the answers? No, he just blurted them louder through the closed bathroom door! *sigh* Sometimes, they push every button I have.
Other fun at trailer school this week? A skunk found its way into an open outdoor trash can on the next deck over. A live skunk. Curious students with no common sense + a skunk = all the makings for a disaster. The assistant principal finally had to stand guard so no imbecile (!) would get sprayed. Animal control (aka local police) finally arrived to take care of the problem.
Have I mentioned that I am glad tomorrow is Friday?


elk said...

me too....i send mine to the "blue mat" .i hate doing it!...sometimes they cry...that is preschool ..

joyce said...

You cracked me up this morning! I guess, since they outsmarted you with the bathroom, the next step for you is to keep an umbrella in your desk drawer. Of course, you may end up with some kid who is not dressed for the weather as they are apt to do, and have some parent complaining that you caused Johnny to get a cold!
Pink is absolutely my favourite colour..light pink, not flourescent!

kath said...

We're thinking pink too .... I admire you, I wouldn't have the patience to be around them at all and I would be on the deck !!

Katie in MA said...

I bet you're even happier that the *next* day is Saturday!!

This will sound horrible, but at least you know you're doing a good job teaching the material if the misfits know the right answers!

ols1 said...

I love pink anything - and yes it is a pretty shade. You must have the patience of a saint to be a teacher to you. I have great admiration for you.

2Thinks said...

High school students act like this? Hmm. Very scary skunk story. That coulda beena big disaster.

I like what Katie said about the misfits knowing the right answers and that proving you are a great teacher1