Sunday, October 11, 2009

Teacher With Class

I am so glad that my FFA advisor friend let me move my geraniums into the horticulture greenhouse last week. Our freezing temperatures and bit of snow would have finished them off.

FFA friend stopped by my room the day after I moved them and asked, "Are you sure you don't mind if we take cuttings from your geraniums?" I told her I figured those cuttings might cover my rent for use of the greenhouse. Besides, they are such pretty colors that I can't wait to see a wealth of those flowers next spring!

The hour after she stopped in, my four horticulture sophomores came bearing all of the blooms they had cut off of my geraniums. They had put together a little bouquet for me. And that left me scrambling for a vase. I had a pretty glass vase pre-tornado. Could I find it??
Nope! I finally found a Pepsi cup! Such an elegant touch on the messy desk in my classroom trailer. Yep, "Teachers have class." Well, I've got pupils anyway!


Gayle said...

They're beautiful no matter what they're in!

marinik said...

good idea, hey as long as they're in water :)

elk said...

looks good to me ...beautiful blooms!

ols1 said...

The flowers are beautiful - they speak for themselves - they dont need a pretty vase to compete.