Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two Missed Days, Bats, & A Dead Deer

Well, I think the flu is finally catching up with the Tiny Town community and schools. I've missed the first two days this week with dizziness and headache. It is either a form of the flu or the start of a really good head cold. I hear the students are running fevers. I don't know how many are affected right now, but it is gaining on us.

The bat man was back this evening. He went up in the attic and captured the last six bats--persistent little devils. Actually, he found a place where they created a tiny opening to re-enter. He fixed that, removed all of his funnels, and hopefully we are bat free! If not, Batman will be making a return trip.

Here is the picture of the deer slayer. (I'm guessing this picture isn't too appetizing with your breakfast. Sorry!) K looks like a serious hunter, doesn't she? The fur trimmed hood is a nice touch for the fashionably dressed hunter. I'm pretty sure that CT was giving her grief because she didn't want to hold the ears. (She is still a Miss Priss.) So how can she shoot a deer? She and L have both hit a deer with their vehicles. They aren't too fond of them.
L's response to shooting the deer? "If you're going to shoot something, can you kill something I like to eat? Like go shoot a cow or something. Enough gross animals."
Just another day in paradise.


puna said...

oh my're right, not an appetizing sight first thing in the morning.

I hope you feel better.

Dandy said...

I think I'm slightly traumatized by that picture. I get sad when I see dead animals. Poor innocent life just swished away on a Saturday morning. I don't think I could ever shoot a living creature or watch it being killed.

However, I do like to eat those creature. I like them on my plate with a bit of s & p. I just don't like to see them getting killed. I live my life in pleasant denial.

Mrs. E said...

I HATE guns of any kind. I am definitely not a hunter, but I am glad that we have deer hunters. Deer do a lot of damage to vehicles and cause a lot of accidents and injuries in this area. We are getting to the time of year where you can't drive a mile on Interstate without seeing the remains of a deer that has been hit. (And when you're driving 70--nothing good can come from that collision.) And that doesn't touch our county and country roads. There are so many deer that they are even in U town on busy streets. I'm thankful the hunters keep their numbers down a bit.

margie/soeursdujour said...

our father was a hunter, we ate venison all the time. this is only disturbing if you want it to be. otherwise it is life in rural anywhere.

2Thinks said...

Oh good heavenly days! I love how she is cracking up holding the ears- yes a true hunter's face- Ha! Well, congrats to the mighty deer slayer. Fash is the first girl to take a deer from the family farm property, which happened last fall. Just another of the many things we have in common Mrs. e. :) Deer killing daughters. We do love the venison. It's not gamey at all. I use it in place of hamburger and prefer the steaks to beef, if I.T. grills them. I burn them.

As for 46 things to do before I'm 47, Mrs. e, you slay me.

If only you knew how I cannot ignore an assignment. Oh boy.

Gayle said...

I hope you're feeling better.

The deer is kind of yucky, but I love the big smile on K's face! I love that L thinks she should go shoot a cow! I agree! I've only eaten venison once and I didn't like it.

Greg C said...

The blog post title caught my attention. I never hit a deer before this year (with my car) but this year I hit three. Come on Hunters do that thing you do so well. My oldest doesn't want to hunt but my 12 year old son already has a shotgun and is a pretty good shot. He wants to go hunting this year. Maybe I should just let him drive my car. haha