Thursday, November 5, 2009

Midweek Ramblings Again

Here we go again. My mind seems incapable of focusing on one subject today. I hate when that happens. I'm unloading here:

*K made it home safe from Philly. She had a great time. I think there was a conference in there somewhere.

*Julius Caesar. Political corruption. Envy. Manipulation. Who said Shakespeare isn't relevant?

*L now has 26 1st graders. She expects to have 30 students by Christmas. She doesn't have a classroom aide. I'm thankful L has great classroom management skills, but I hate to see her trying to keep her sanity in a tough situation.

*Leaves. What a pleasant surprise to walk up our hill on the way home from school yesterday and see that the city has picked up all of our leaves. Woo Hoo!

*Mailing packages. The problem: our Post Office closes for lunch during my plan period. It also doesn't open before school starts and closes before teachers are off the clock. Drives me crazy. It takes excellent planning and a bit of begging to actually talk to the Post Master. I feel like I live in Barney Fife land.

*Radio color commentary/sideline interviews. I think the Mr. is done for this year. He thought it was great fun. I'll be glad to be able to go out to dinner with him on Friday nights again.

*U team's big game is this weekend. That means breakfast and the game with the girls. Who needs sons when the Mr. has two die-hard football fans for daughters? Me? I'm there for the tailgating, people watching, and the half-time show. The game is just an added bonus.

*Living Like Hepburn in a Hilton World by Jordan Christie. Christie compares the Audrey Hepburn lifestyle to Paris Hilton's. A great handbook on not screwing up your life. I've already finished Catching Fire, the second of the Collins series. Next up: Life of Pi.

*Students without athletic practices. Fall sports ended. We still have two weeks before wrestling and basketball practices begin. In the meantime, I could use someone to run the energy out of the sophomores.

*Tracey. Yes, the mean girl on Biggest Loser finally went home. Terribly important stuff here.

Now that I have dumped my random thoughts here, I can start in on a new batch. My undiagnosed ADD isn't serving me very well this week.


Gayle said...

The thing in this list that really struck me is that your post office closes for lunch! That really is Mayberry!

Dandy said...

The ringtone for when B calls me is the whistling from that show. He loves it.

I haven't read a book in months and it makes me sad. Unless you count wedding planning books.

Alicia said...

Wow! 26! At least she has small desks :) (just trying to see a little positive light to it!) Hopefully they are somewhat well-behaved! I'm sitting at 28... I think our grade has the largest classes in school, and since our kids are so big, it seems as if they are even larger! I almost lost my mind when they tried to give me another the other day (turns our she was in the wrong room!)

Can't wait for the game this weekend. We are heading to watch it in the city at a watch party!

PS: I got your message the other day about getting my address... sorry I'm slow at getting back. Had a friend visiting and been miserably sick this week, so I haven't really had much time on my computer... But I'm off to email it to you now!

joyce said...

Our post office closes at lunch too.....doesn't everybody's ;)
I like your ramblings, ramblings are good for the soul.