Friday, November 20, 2009

The Mr.

The Mr. is first and foremost a husband and Dad.

He's good at making breakfasts. And not bad at lunch and dinner either.

He makes a pot of coffee every morning and rarely drinks a cup. Coffee is my thing.

The girls will tell you that he is almost always good for a tank of gas--even when you're 26 and 28 years old.

He starts the car on cold mornings so it is warm for me.

He has endured more chick flicks than any man should have to.

He grocery shops. And after, he opens the trunk and hands off the keys so I can get in out of the cold and start the car while he stows the bags.

He overhears a lot of "girlie" conversations and has learned to mask whatever horrifying shock he might be feeling at TMI. (Too Much Information)

He spends a lot of time worrying: about his girls on the road or the boys that may break their hearts. My stroke brought him to a whole new level of worrying.

He's a pretty great guy. Better than most. He takes good care of us.

What do we do for him?

We let him watch a lot of sports. It's about the only masculine influence he gets around here.

We nag him about taking care of his health.

He has two daughters who hope they will find a guy as great as their dad to take care of them someday. Oh, and a wife who wouldn't trade him for anything.

It isn't an even exchange, but it's about the best we can do.


Steve Gravano said...

Love is a blessing. He's a keeper.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR husband!!! I would watch ALL the football with him he wanted!! R

Debbie said...

It's rare to find a man like that. I'm blessed with a great one, too. But I think you have me beat on the TMI stuff. My husband finds excuses to "work" outside if our house gets filled with too much female powered thoughts or talks.

margieandkath said...

it is so great when you have a guy like that. we have to consider ourselves lucky.

FlowerLady said...

You are blessed, your daughters are blessed and your DH is blessed.

Wonderful post.

Love is Forever ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

That brought tears to my eyes! Think he could write some pretty nice things about you too! Love you both! Aunt C.

Gayle said...

Awww, what a wonderful mr. you have!

Puna said...

How absolutely wonderful. I just loved it and it's obvious you love him.

Dandy said...

What a man!! Your daughters will be selective because of the love they see between the two of you. I expected guys to treat me the way my dad treats my mom... which weeded quite a few out very quickly, ha!

ELK said...

nice tribute to a special one!!

ols1 said...

Just have to love the other half. He sounds like a wonderful man - I am glad he is so deserving of you.

2Thinks said...

I already knew The Mr. was Mr. Wonderful from many other posts where you mention some nice thing he's done for you etc. He's a true gentleman- the kind every girl dreams of- you're very lucky indeed Mrs. E, very lucky and blessed.

I've missed the blogs, but life's been calling- just not enough time and energy for real life and blog life sometimes.