Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh So Thankful Friday

A moment or two of gratitude on Easy Street--
  • We have cement! Construction has been slow at the schools being rebuilt. Yesterday, we watched cement trucks rolling through Tiny Town. One wing and the main hallway of our soon-to-be new high school now have cement floors. No walls, no roof, just a beautiful cement slab where classrooms will be. I can't begin to explain how exciting it is to see the floor plan of our school coming to life. It brought tears to my eyes to think we could be so excited about cement. Last year at this time we were still looking at tornado damaged buildings that needed to be bulldozed.
  • I had a hair cut, supper with L, and a trip to Target last night. Yesterday was just a great day!
  • It has taken me forever, but I am finally getting some packages mailed! I am skipping out on lunch for a bit today to accommodate Post Office hours. Gifts have been glaring at me from the dining room table for a couple of days now. Just the dust is staring me down now!
  • Tomorrow is a big U football game. The Mr. and I are meeting K and L for breakfast before game time. It has been awhile since we have all been together.
  • Bubble wrap. Is anything more fun than popping bubble wrap?

These are just a few of the things I am thankful for this week. Sometimes it is the big things (a new school), and sometimes it is the little things (bubble wrap); but I never have to look very hard to find things to appreciate. I hope the same is true for you!


Puna said...

I'm thankful too for the quiet moments...but I'm resting up for a big weekend. Again.

Tin Foil Angel said...

great post. I think I will go about cleaning with thankfulness that I have stuff to clean!

Gayle said...

Thanks for the reminder to notice the things I'm thankful for! Sometimes I really need a reminder.

joyce said...

I see you're still rambling...I like it!

:: elk :: said...


ols1 said...

Great reminder to be thankful. Sometimes I forget - it is important to get these little prompts in life - thanks :)