Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sweet Jobs and A Division of Labor

When the tree in the front yard starts to look like this--you can bet that the ground under the tree looks like this! Our carpet of leaves is about four inches deep. The good thing: you can't mow when there is this much raking to do!
I hate mowing the lawn. The Mr. usually gets stuck having to mow and use the weed eater. I'm good at sweeping off the steps or the patio when he finishes the mowing. I also make a mean glass of ice water for hydration and refreshment. It's a gift!

My yard work is the raking and snow shoveling. I am very territorial where those jobs are concerned. Don't touch my rake or shovel. Keep that darn leaf blower to yourself!

I've had perfect raking weather the last couple of days. These cool temperatures make me look forward to an hour or so of raking every night after school.

We have a huge pile of leaves lining our drive. I've discovered that under the leaves, we don't have much lawn. (The Mr.'s been mowing weeds?!) We could use a disguise. Green spray paint? I'm beginning to wonder if I could spread the leaves back over the yard--kind of like a toupee for the lawn! We really need to plant grass next spring.

Now we're waiting for the city to collect our leaves or for a big wind to disperse them-- whichever comes first. Right now, my money is on the wind. (The city doesn't like backing up our hill.)

Actually, we'll probably burn the leaves over the next couple of evenings. I know it isn't the best for the environment, but I love the smell of burning leaves. That's the smell of fall!

I'm pretty sure the Mr. will feel the need to do the burning. There are a few pyro tendencies in my family that he doesn't want to encourage. I have one brother who doesn't think there is anything better than a fire. It's a good thing that Dad needs to burn pastures every spring and brush piles from time to time. The Bro gets his "fix" often enough that he uses his pyro tendencies for good rather than evil.

Now that the raking is just about over, bring on the snow! I've got the shovel all polished up and ready to go.


Puna said...

Holy cow that's a lot of leaves! I'm glad you like to rake! I'm not a raker. It frustrates me that I can't get up every single leaf:) And I like the orange carpet look!

:: elk :: said...

wow..nature gets busy!! we have a month ofr so to go before the drop!

Gayle said...

That is a lot of leaves! I'm like Puna, I get annoyed that I can't get every leaf. Shoveling snow, on the other hand, I love to do! I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I'm done.

2Thinks said...

Are you feeling alright? Raking all those leaves is so overwhelming! I wish we were neighbors. I'd think up new assignments for your class and you could rake my leaves. We had tons. It was depressing to me. I.T. raked 'em mostly.

ols1 said...

My goodness what a carpet of leaves. I like it when the leaves fall - but I wouldn't like having to rake up that many.