Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks for Little Girls Who Grew Up Way Too Fast

This is a short week for the schools in our area. We have the rest of the week off in celebration of Thanksgiving.

L might be in need of a break. They brought the H1N1 vaccine into her school. Other elementary schools in her district got the nasal dose. They were out by the time they hit her school, so they set up a room and gave the shots. The room they used was just next door to L's 1st grade room. So besides having to hold her students down while they gave the shots, she and her class got to hear crying and screaming all day as all the classes rotated into the room for their vaccines. Yeah, that sounds like a good time.

Today, L hosts a Thanksgiving Feast. She cooks a roast and potatoes in a huge roaster. Every student brings a can of vegetables to add to the stew. Then they invite parents and friends to join the feast. Last year, she had a room full of about 40. This year with 27 students, L isn't sure how many they will have. I'm guessing they will be standing elbow to elbow, and L will be thankful her feast is over for another year.

I got to listen to K speak to Trailer School's Tri M group (Modern Music Masters) last night. It was their initiation. She talked about the impact of music in her life from childhood through teaching. She did a great job.

The Mr. and I are lucky that K and L like (or at least tolerate!) their parents and don't mind spending time with us. We're looking forward to having a few days with them over this break. In fact, CT is cooking fish fry #2 tonight. K's roommate E, and then L and CG will be joining us and helping K celebrate her birthday a little early.

I love my girls. I've always said that parenting boils down to a lot of dumb luck. I may be lousy at cards and the lottery, but I have been lucky at parenting. At their worst, K and L were pretty easy to raise. They have always been fun to be around and are just good people. The Mr. and I were/are lucky. They make us proud.


Puna said...

Sounds like it's shaping up to be a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

They make their Aunt Rita PROUD TOO!! In fact you ALL do!! Love you guys!

margieandkath said...

i love being with the kids. and it's a good thing they love us. moving in with one of the sons this weekend for four months, until the condo is ready. tables are turned!!

joyce said...

What a cool idea for the class feast! I think all you teachers rub off on one another, and all the kids in your school benefit.
Enjoy your thanksgiving, your days off, and your kids' visit!