Sunday, December 13, 2009


For Christmas 1976, my dad and brother (?) made a yule or advent log for us out of wood from a tree on the farm. It was our first married Christmas. The Mr. and I were both still college students, so we had almost no money. It was our first Christmas decoration and right in our price range!

That year we cut a cedar tree from a pasture and made most of the ornaments. I think the only thing we bought that year were the lights, some balls for the tree, and the candles for the yule log.

Thirty-three years later, the yule log is still a part of every Christmas at our house. We use it like an advent wreath and light a different candle every Sunday of advent. We don't use the traditional advent colors of purple, pink and white. It is hard enough to find green and burgundy/red tapers the right size! Everyone uses votive and pillar candles these days.

A couple of years ago, K and L asked Grandpa for their own yule logs. Of course, Grandpa (with help from West Point nephew?) came through. They so rarely ask Grandpa for anything, that when they do--Grandpa delivers!!

Some traditions continue--and have been passed on to the next generation. And that's a good thing.
Time to light another candle. Happy 3rd Sunday of Advent!


Gayle said...

I love when decorations have tradition and history behind them. How great that your daughters have yule logs made by their grandpa, too!

2Thinks said...

Read this earlier, but computer was giving me comment fits. I love this advent log and much prefer your candle color choice to the purple and pink we sell in the bookstore. Traditions are good. I agree.

ols1 said...

Tradition is so important - I love this tradition. What a blessing.

Puna said...

Such a nice tradition. I'm not sure why our church doesn't mention Advent. I'll have to ask one of our pastors. In any case, Christmas is coming!

ELK said...

not many folks share this part of the have done so in a magical moment here

Relyn said...

Oh, I do love this story. Love it for the sentiment, the love, the tradition. How wonderful.