Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009

Here is my quick rundown of events on Easy Street 2009:

Bats!! The Chinese can have their year of the monkey, the dog, or the ox. Not us. Nope, the year of the bats here on Easy Street. Yeah, that was fun. (And yes, that was sarcasm!)

Seems we spent most of our summer moving K and L. And now we're storing a lot of their loot. Yes, they can come home again, and in this case--they better! We've got a basement to unload on them one of these days!

I love my new laptop. This was by far my best purchase of the year. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the old computer. Donating it seems like a good idea, but only if I can get all of our files off of it. (No idea how to do that!)

Tickets to see Art Garfunkel, Straight No Chaser, and Summer Music Theater were all treats I wouldn't have missed. Art reminded me that I'm not the only one growing older! We're all getting there.

Several part-time jobs were interesting. For me it was the bookstore and being assistant director for our senior show. Both were challenging in quite different ways. One was learning how to do business in retail and not kill annoying customers, while the other was practicing with a new director, no script, and no facility. I survived both!

The Mr. has enjoyed a part-time gig as a football sideline reporter for a radio station. And now he has done color commentary for some basketball games, too. I think it is a nice change of pace being on the other side of the mic.

I rode a new bike trail and went to three museums in our state that I have never been to before. I've really got to get out more!

We've lost several friends this past year: a classmate, the mother of a student, an older cousin, a childhood neighbor, and a former principal. The older I get, the more funerals I go to. The downside of aging, I guess. Wait. Is there an upside?!

In education, my students did great on State Testing. I'm still working to get 100% to pass... still leaving a few behind. (Not for lack of trying!)

2009 was a good year. There was and is a lot of construction in Tiny Town. Rebuilding has been gradual but steady. We've had more good times than bad this year. We've laughed a lot, cried mainly happy tears, and enjoyed many blessings. I couldn't (shouldn't?!) really ask for anything more.

2010: Here we come!


Debbie said...

Have you figured out how to say the new year, yet? It's going to be kind of like a rerun of 2000. '99 was easy and the rest of the 0' 01,02,03 etc. But 10 (ten) just sounds a little flat.

Let's try it on for size. I wish you and your family a prosperous '10. (See? It sounds really lame). LOL!

Puna said...

I hope your town continues to recover and rebuild. Thanks for spending the year with me!

ELK said...

blessed new year...happy memories...going forward, so good!

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Your sense of humor sparkles at just the right points in this post (let me know when you find that upside!). I'm glad I found your blog this year and can't wait to see what the new year has in store for us both!