Monday, January 18, 2010

Blinked Again!

Everybody needs one.   A sweet little face with dimples.  Big blue green eyes that usually get their way.  Someone who can hold her own with big sis, even if it does involve biting.  A toddler with a mind of her own, trying to stick things into electric sockets and going right back after it even when her little hands get smacked.  (No one is going to tell her what to do!)

Everybody needs one.  A sweet innocent face that almost makes up for the sassy little mouth.  A flirt who loves men of all ages.  She escapes in church and asks men to pick her up.  She teases Dad's football boys and runs squealing away when they chase her.  When asked what she wants Santa to bring her, she tells Mom's male student teacher:  "You!"  (Great.  Whose child is this?!) 

Everbody needs one.  A little squirt on the 4-H basketball team or summer softball team who tries to hold her own with the big girls.  A kid who leaves the movie theater and recites lines from the movie word for word all the way home.  A little cheerleader who can watch the big girls and do their routines flawlessly at home.  A clown of the Middle School girls who leads a slumber party skinny dipping.  (Yeah, don't ask!)

Everybody needs one.  The kid who can make a really angry Dad start laughing, even when he doesn't want to.  A teenager you're afraid to wake up in the morning because she may or may not be wearing PJ's.  A mimic who can entertain the supper table with renditions of her teachers in class.  The girl who showers and streaks through the house with a towel on her wet hair looking for clothes.  (Oh, by all means--cover your hair!)

Everybody needs one.  A gorgeous teenager without an inflated ego.  A moody high schooler who spends hours in her room listening to music or talking on the phone.  A kid who always pushes the limits.  A stubborn youngest child who usually finds a way to bend the rules and laughs about it afterwards.  A child who gives her parents just a few gray hairs.  ("Rules?  We have rules? Naaah!") 

Everybody needs one.  A fun time college girl telling wild stories of the latest escapades.  A young woman who tells her parents, "You can have an opinion on my life, but you don't get a vote."  (A diplomatic way of saying, "Bug off!")   An organized 1st grade teacher with amazing classroom control.  (She mimics her 1st graders and tells such funny classroom stories!)  A great cook who loves trying new recipes and hates having someone mess up her kitchen!   

Everybody needs an L in their life.  Not only will your world be a bit lovelier, but it will also be a lot more chaotic...and (at least most of the time!) fun!  You will never, ever know quite what to expect. 

The L of today hasn't changed much from the little girl:  same adorable dimples, same sassy comebacks, and still the family clown.  Oh, and she still loves men.  Some things never change! 

Today is L's 27th birthday.  Where does the time go? 

Happy Birthday L.  You are loved more than you will ever know!  And I can't imagine how boring our life would be without you and your sister! 

Top Photo- L and her Grandpa on her 1st Birthday
2nd Photo-  Christmas at age 4
3rd Photo-  Senior Picture
Last Photo-  Tailgate 08- K on the left, L on the right


ELK said...

what a beautiful birthday "card" ...happy day to you both!!

Hays Family 5 said...

I got one! WE really are kindred spirits....and yes, I was in tears reading this post. What a wonderful way to honor your daughter on her birthday.

Sorry about the in-service day. I hope it was worth getting dressed for.

puna said...

What a lovely girl! Happy birthday and slow down so your mom can catch up! She looks the same with every photo!

SEB said...

I know the H.S. and M.S. stories and can sure believe the childhood ones. Thinking of the cheerleading led my memory right back to "fat girl on a little girl." Always the clown!

Dandy said...

OMG that cracked me up!! Happy Birthday L you sound like my kind of girl!

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday to L! What a fun daughter she must be!

Kitty M said...

Aww beautiful family photos Mrs E thank you for sharing x

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

My GOODNESS, you know how to make a woman tear up! That is the way to write a birthday message. :) So sweet, and something I'm sure she'll always remember.

Happy Belated Birthday, L!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

How I love this post ~ so beautifully written and inspired from one of life's sweetest gifts! Blessings to L and to you too!

Relyn said...

OH, E! Your L is so very beautiful! Look at that smile. I can tell she has the same joie de vivre as you.

Happy, happy birthday, dear L.