Monday, January 11, 2010

A Case of the Clumsys

The Mr. had been warning me it was going to happen.  (And I'm so grateful he wasn't home to witness it and smirk an "I told you so.") 

There is a side table that sits by my chair in our family room.  In front of it is a Longaberger magazine basket, stuffed to the brim with journals and reading material.  The table has plenty of room for a glass of whatever I'm drinking.  (In fact, it has room for about 10 glasses.) 

I can't tell you how many times I haven't been paying attention when I go to set my glass down, and the Mr. will warn me to watch what I'm doing.  I'm always about to miss the table or put the glass half off of it.  Yes, my attention is usually directed to a book, my computer, or the TV. 

This weekend, while the Mr. was at the RV show, it happened.  I had a full glass of water and went to set it down...and missed:  a whole glass of water in my magazine basket.  Lovely!   I had to clean out the contents, wipe off every one of them, and "drain" the basket.  *argh*

And as I'm finishing that clean up, I remember that I left half a bottle of soda in my purse.  I have horrible visions of a repeat with a soaked purse this time.  I run to the front room to check it out and am relieved to find the lid tight and my purse dry. 

After removing the bottle though, I discover an empty box of Raisinettes left over from the matinee.  I had only eaten about half of them.  Yep, half a box of Raisinettes was loose in the bottom of my purse.  Delightful.  And with potential to be a chocolatey mess! *double argh*

I had a few choice words for myself.  I would have yelled at someone else if I could have.  Don't you just hate it when there is no one to blame, but yourself?

And how was your day, dear?!

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puna said...

he seems that my day is going better than yours right now. I haven't spilled anything. And oh to spill it on your Longaberger basket! Heartbreaking!