Sunday, January 24, 2010

Forever Young Pepsi Style

Time capsules.  The passage of time.  Old is new.  New is old. My love of Diet Pepsi.  (Quitting that habit is hard!)  I don't know, I guess the song just kind of fits right now.  Thank you Bob Dylan and 

I love it when a commercial can make your day!


Hays Family 5 said... about that speedo scene? Kind of makes me glad we have 'evolved'! I, too have a love of diet pepsi. It doesn't love me and about 18 months ago the doc banned me from drinking it. That is one way to break the habit, I guess!

Christina said...

wow, you are making me want a carbonated, syrup filled drink. i love the thought. lol

joyce said...

I'm, a Coke gal forever, but that is a cool commercial. Do you know how I would save a video to my files?

Gayle said...

Great commercial! Thanks for the smiles!