Friday, January 29, 2010

My Mind Spilleth Over

The things on my mind this Friday:

*J.D. Salinger's death.  I never taught "The Catcher in the Rye," but a lot of my students have read it and loved it.  I imagine that quite a few more will be picking it up this week.  I heard that Salinger left behind many notebooks of more writings.  I hope someone from his family decides to publish them posthumously. 

*A late start at Trailer High due to snow or cold, I guess. Time for coffee and the morning news now.  It gives our custodians a bit of time to clear our sidewalks, ramps, and decks.  Ah, the joys of having sidewalks for hallways!

*Last night I discovered that I can read comments left on here, but I can't publish them.  I keep getting an error message.  It is quite irritating.  I see that blogger has a lot of posts about this on their "help" site--and not one response from blogger.  So much for help!

*Our basketball team is playing another area team tonight.  The Mr.' s nephew plays for the other team.  Both student councils are promoting a cure for breast cancer during the game.  Our teams (boys and girls) are wearing pink socks.  P's  team is wearing pink shoelaces and wrist bands.  They sold pink t-shirts to the crowd.  Proceeds from t-shirts and donations are going to support breast cancer research.  I like that they took a non-league game and turned it into something a little special.

*My students are finishing the district writing assessment.  Oh, the whining and gnashing of teeth.  (The students-- not me!) 

*Have I told you yet how glad I am that it is Friday?  I am.  I blame the lethargy this week on barometric pressure.  My students and fellow teachers are as bad as I am.  It is like a huge case of exhaustion has settled over all of us.  I prefer calling it exhaustion as opposed to laziness.  Word choice is everything!!

Happy Friday!


Dandy said...

I LOVE that shirt. I have never seen that slogan before and its just brilliant. Its totally motivated me do raise some awareness.

Thanks so much for that boost!

Mrs. E said...

OK, so I can now moderate some comments, but some are coming in that lovely script you see above. Oh, and the first two original comments I could see, but couldn't publish--gone! Come on, blogger!!

Gayle said...

I'm really glad it's Friday, too. Also, I'm glad January is almost over and we're a tiny bit closer to spring!

Unless you get a lot of comment spam, have you thought about turning off moderation?

2Thinks said...

Cool Teach, you can comment in Chinese? Now that IS special.

Yes, the winter blahs- wouldn't you say? But life- life is good- love the promotion of Don't fear it, find it, fix it. Worthy, worthy cause.
Happy Weekend Friend!

joyce said...

Haven't got a clue as to what your blogger is up to....I've never seen it before. I love that T-Shirt slogan too....very inspiring!

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Word choice *is* everything and yours is always pitch-perfect! Even your day-to-day musings are a run read. I'm curious - what was the writing assignment?